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Adam Richman visits White Hart Lane and cries like a little kid

King Ing December 4, 2012 1

Anyone that eats food for a living is OK in my book. Anyone that visits their favorite team’s stadium and sheds a tear is that much better. Watch as “Man vs Food” star Adam

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Football Trick Shots

King Ing September 7, 2012 0

Forget basketball, Dude Perfect celebrates the start of the football season with these trick shots

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Every NFL fan in 90 seconds

King Ing September 6, 2012 0

This is pretty much right on the money. 31 out of 32 isn’t bad. You messed up with the New England Patriots. We aren’t the worst…”WE THE BEST!&#

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Maria Sharapova beats Novak Djokovic at Power Golf

King Ing August 21, 2012 0

Ever wonder what it would be use a tennis racquet on the golf course? Well thanks to Head you get your opportunity to watch Novak Djokovic and Maria Sharapova do just that. And by

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Ever seen a horse try to bite another horse in a race?

King Ing August 14, 2012 0

Well you have now. On a sunny Saturday at Del Mar, Woodmans Luck was looking at his fourth straight second place. Maybe tired of being a bridesmaid, the horse tried not once, but twice

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Olympic trick shots with Dude Perfect

King Ing July 19, 2012 0

The guys over at Dude Perfect were nice enough to alert us to their newest video featuring various US Olympic team members killing the trick shot game

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“Jeremy Lin That I Used to Know” Song Parody

King Ing July 18, 2012 0

Nothing like a Gotye parody to get New York Knicks fans over the loss of Jeremy Lin. I love how delusional their fan base is. Like this lyric… “You should have played with Carmelo

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Ken Block presents Gymkhana FIVE

King Ing July 10, 2012 0

This is freaking awesome. How did they manage to shut down the city of San Francisco to let Ken Block Gymkhana all over it? No way I could do what Travis Pastrana did and

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The real reason Cody Zeller decided to stay in school

King Ing July 6, 2012 1

So that people could make parody videos like this one by The Big Handsome. Take a Travie Mccoy beat and turn it into “Don’t Wanna Be A Millionaire.” Cody Zeller is going to be

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Euro 2012 goals using string animation

King Ing June 27, 2012 0

This pretty much sums up The Three Lions experience at Euro 2012. Andrea Pirlo’s spot kick looks so pretty in string. Wonder why they didn’t use the Danny Welbeck goal

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