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Lionel Messi scores off the field

King Ing May 2, 2013 0

At least the fake Lionel Messi does. Does this actually work with girls? If so I’m going to dress up and walk around NYC like a fake Psy this weekend. C’mon, if it was

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Charles Barkley out bench presses Shaq

King Ing April 26, 2013 0

In a promo for the movie “Pain & Gain,” Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal decided to have a lift off. While they both handled 135 lbs and 225 lbs rather easily it was the

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Gareth Maybin is the golf trick shot king

King Ing April 24, 2013 0

I would love to see Tiger Woods try to do this. He can’t hold Gareth Maybin’s jock when it comes to trick shots. The man might be ranked 443rd in the world, but he’s

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2013 One Shining Moment

King Ing April 9, 2013 0

The college basketball season is over and the Louisville Cardinals are your national champions. Cue Luther Vandross!

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Notre Dame March Madness compliance video is pure gold

King Ing March 18, 2013 0

If you’re a student-athlete, you must watch this Notre Dame compliance video. It lets you know all the rules about entering any March Madness pools for money. Guess Manti Te’o was too busy to

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Kim Jong-un and Dennis Rodman are the best NBA Jam duo

King Ing March 8, 2013 0

After watching Kim Jong-un and Dennis Rodman destroy the duo of Mark Jackson and Sarunas Marciulionis, I am ready to declare them as the best team to use in the NBA Jam game. Kim

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Mike Miller needs to let these guys sell his house

King Ing March 6, 2013 0

Need to sell your home in the Memphis, TN area? Well you need to hire Harold Haskin and Brian Lurie. If these two were willing to rap about mile Miller’s home, I wonder what

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Johnny Manziel and Dude Perfect in a football trick shot showdown

King Ing January 25, 2013 0

After watching this I know my futures bet on Texas A&M to win the national championship is in good hands with Johnny Manziel running the show. P.S. I might be the only guy on

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Baltimore hotel has a Ray Lewis dance laser show

King Ing January 15, 2013 0

Bob’s Blitz finds this video of a laser show on the side of Baltimore’s Marriott Waterfront hotel featuring the Ray Lewis pregame dance routine. Here’s hoping Tom Brady can put an end to this

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Adam Richman visits White Hart Lane and cries like a little kid

King Ing December 4, 2012 1

Anyone that eats food for a living is OK in my book. Anyone that visits their favorite team’s stadium and sheds a tear is that much better. Watch as “Man vs Food” star Adam

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