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The French are pranksters

King Ing June 20, 2008 0

Rémi Gaillard is a notorious French prankster with excellent soccer skills. Watch him terrorize! -Via HotClicks

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Some people have too much time on their hands

King Ing June 19, 2008 0

I have to admit this is quite clever. Although you would never find me doing something like this. Why, becuase I can’t grow facial hair and I would never shave my long, beautiful locks.

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Sasha Vujacic – “The Machine” Pt 2

King Ing June 17, 2008 0

I can’t get enough of these videos. Why doesn’t do a video about Sasha Vujacic watching Ray Allen drive by him in game 4. “I am machine. I get toasted by movie star.

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President Bush’s jump shot is still better than his economic policy

King Ing June 17, 2008 0

Here is video of George W. Bush watching basketball practice at a local school in Belfast, Ireland. He actually takes a couple of jumpers that end up being bricks, so he moves closer to

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John Daly Jr. drives the hell out of a ball

King Ing June 16, 2008 0

John Daly Jr. can hit the ball just like his dad. Did I mention he is 3 years old!! With a pacifier in his mouth he takes his dad’s driver and rips two shots

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NBA commercials are the best

King Ing June 13, 2008 0

This ad aired last night during the NBA Finals and it gave me chills. If you missed it, here it is

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US Women’s National Soccer Team has jokes

King Ing June 10, 2008 0

Heather Mitts and Natasha Kai play the funnel game with the rookies on the US National Soccer team. Other than Mitts, I don’t know who any of these other women are. Good times!

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Chris Bosh is funnier than Jay Leno

King Ing June 6, 2008 0

I guess the people at NBC saw Chris Bosh’s youtube videos. So they decided to let him be the guest correspondent for the Tonight Show at the NBA Finals. It aired last night, so

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Kobe Bryant: Half man-half Kevin Garnett

King Ing June 5, 2008 0

These commercials are great. Freaky, yet fun. Here is the NBA Finals version with Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett. Would the game start already!

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You Got Rondo’d?

King Ing June 4, 2008 0

So Reebok is releasing a new marketing campaign during the NBA Finals focusing on Rajon Rondo. These commercials star Dee Brown, Vince Wilfork, and Jo Jo White. Excuse me as I fail to find

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