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Kobe can jump over anything

King Ing May 27, 2008 0

First it was the moving Aston Martin and now it is a pool full of snakes. With the help of the Jackass Crew comes the new Hyperdunk video. My favorite part is when he

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Maria Sharapova is not the next Jeff George

King Ing May 20, 2008 0

Busted Coverage has found video of Maria Sharapova throwing a football around as a warm up for her practice session. After watching the clip, you can clearly see that she doesn’t have an arm

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There can only be one!

King Ing May 15, 2008 4

These new NBA commercials are great. Spooky, but nonetheless great. Even good enough to have TIME magazine spoof them with presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Now come the dynamic duo of Ben

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This guy is all booksmarts

King Ing May 9, 2008 0

Withleather found this great video of US gymnast Alicia Sacramone knocking some guy out with a left hook at a Brown University party. I believe Brown is an Ivy League school. Although this guy

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Guillermo takes matters into his own hands

King Ing May 7, 2008 0

Jimmy Kimmel Live has the best skits on late night TV and since I am on this MMA kick now, it is the perfect time to post this video about Guillermo learning how to

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Clemens new AT&T commercial

King Ing May 6, 2008 1

Roger Clemens can’t buy a break. Anything he does just gets trashed, recut and edited to perfection. Now if only they could do this with a Karl Malone ad

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Roger Clemens has had a great year

King Ing May 6, 2008 1

Today is the one year anniversary when Roger Clemens announced he was coming back to the New York Yankees. Since then he has been mentioned in the Mitchell Report, testified in front of Congress,

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Jimmy Kimmel is a liar!

King Ing May 5, 2008 0

Awfulannouncing has this great find. It speaks for itself and anytime you can see more of Bill Simmons’ acting ability you have to watch it. Jimmy Kimmel’s weight has nothing on Miguel Tejada’s age

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I want to be Ronaldo: The good one, not the tranny hooker loving one

King Ing May 1, 2008 0

Soccer isn’t very popular here in the United States, but in Europe it trumps everything else. After watching this Nike commercial, I wish I trained harder when i was 10 instead of worrying about

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Obama is much better at basketball than he is at bowling

King Ing April 30, 2008 0

Barack Obama got a chance to scrimmage with the UNC Tar Heels yesterday. Although he was held scoreless, he did have a couple of assists and a smooth little drive where he almost scored

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