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“No Sleep Til April” Parody

King Ing March 12, 2009 1

This is my favorite time of the sports year. So many college basketball games it will blow your mind. Noon to well past midnight, what is there not to love. And especially for us

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Pistons mascot does a killer “Single Ladies” spoof

King Ing January 27, 2009 1

What do you get when you combine an NBA mascot with the best song ever? You get the Detroit Pistons’ mascot Hooper imitating, very well I might add Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” video. Add to

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The Assassination of Michael Jordan by the Coward Kobe Bryant

King Ing November 12, 2008 0

TheSportsDollar finds a video someone mixed together that tries to tell the story about Kobe Bryant being the new Michael Jordan. As the YouTube author explains it; “With this mix I tried to do

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Fernando Perez has the “dope moves”

King Ing September 2, 2008 0

If you haven’t seen the movie “Fresh” you have been missing out on a good thing. Fresh invites his boy Chuckie to meet with the kingpin Estaban. During the interview Chuckie says “I got

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Craig Sager spills the beans on Ted Turner and Jane Fonda

King Ing August 28, 2008 0

TNT analyst Craig Sager is known for his “loud” wardrobe. But, over the last couple of weeks we have learned so much more about the man. We find out about his fetish of Bud

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Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell engage in a dance off

King Ing August 27, 2008 0

Look out! How do you celebrate demolishing world records and winning gold medals? If you are Jamaica’s Usain Bolt you have a dance contest with teammate Asafa Powell. The two fastest men on the

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Nastia Liukin’s future boyfriend?!?!

King Ing August 23, 2008 5

I seriously couldn’t stop smiling while watching this video. It has all types of awkwardness in it. Some young man decided to congratulate Nastia Liukin, complain about the gymnastics judging system, and ask an

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Balls to the face

King Ing August 11, 2008 0

TheBeautifulGame has video of a wayward shot on goal in the Heidenheim vs. Wolfsburgthat game that flies into the stands and decks a young cheerleader in her face. That was unexpected and definitely hurt.

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Terrell Owens and Three 6 Mafia interview each other

King Ing August 8, 2008 1

Cousins of Ron Mexico was right. I did enjoy “Adventures in Hollyhood,” so why wouldn’t I like this video interview of Terrell Owens and Three 6 Mafia

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Biff Henderson jokes around with US Olympians

King Ing August 7, 2008 0

FanHouse has one of the funniest videos I have seen in a while. Everytime Biff Henderson of the David Letterman Show does one of these skits they are comic gold and this is no

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