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Kobe Bryant shows Lebron James that he is unstoppable

King Ing May 21, 2009 0

Nike is really hoping for a Lakers v Cavaliers NBA Finals. That way they can constantly run these Kobe Bryant and Lebron James muppet ads. Here is the latest installment where KB24 gives video

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The NBA digitally enhances some Amazing Finals Moments

King Ing May 20, 2009 2

We have all seen the incredible digitally enhanced commercials featuring Larry Bird stealing the ball and the Kobe to Shaq alley-oop. Well leave it to the NBA to have another two ads up its

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Kobe Bryant misplaced his championship rings

King Ing May 15, 2009 0

These Nike muppet commercials featuring Kobe Bryant and Lebron James are really entertaining. “The Chalk” ad was great, but this “Three Rings” one was even better. I wonder what video game LBJ is trying

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Sasha Vujacic does a dunky chunky monkey

King Ing May 14, 2009 0

I feel like I have neglected “The Machine” this playoff season. And to make it up to you here is a double dose of Sasha Vujacic in action. Ricky Rubio better watch out! -H/T

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The reason why the Denver Nuggets are playoff juggernauts

King Ing May 10, 2009 4

Forget about the trade for Chauncey Billups or Carmelo Anthony’s realization that the team comes first. The number one reason why the Denver Nuggets have a 3-0 series lead against the Mavericks is this

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Charles Barkley drunk dials Kevin Garnett

King Ing May 1, 2009 2

Ever wonder what a phone call between Kevin Garnett and Charles Barkley would be like? Well, thanks to The Hoop Doctors we now know!

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Mel Kiper Jr scouts the ladies

King Ing April 24, 2009 0

The NFL Draft is this Saturday and for some reason the braintrust decided to push the start time back to 4 pm. Guess they wanted to compete against Yankees/Red Sox and Cubs/Cardinals. Whatever the

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“Staying Alive” feat Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter, Roger Federer

King Ing April 17, 2009 1

This Gillette ad debuted on the big screen at Yankee Stadium yesterday. It features Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter, and Roger Federer “Staying Alive”. They should make an ad of these three in “West Side

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Proper mens stadium bathroom etiquette

King Ing April 8, 2009 0

JoeSportsFan gives us advice on what proper stadium bathroom etiquette should be. I see these rules broken all the time. Thank you Sebek for alerting the public about their unsanitary behavior in the restroom.

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The Arizona St. womens basketball team played like poop

King Ing April 2, 2009 1

“Poop” is one of the funny words in the English language that will always make me chuckle like a schoolgirl. And when used while yelling at someone, it adds even more humor. That is

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