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The NFL mentoring program does wonders

King Ing September 9, 2009 3

TheOnion releases this great satirical video about the NFL and the initiative it took to teach the Detroit Lions the basics of the great game. -H/T HotClicks

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A porn parody staring Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo

King Ing August 25, 2009 5

Finally some adult film company decided it was time to spoof TMZ. In doing so they choose to parody the lives of Amy Winehouse, Lindsay Lohan, and Speidi. But look at the two people

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Just in time: The 2009 NFL Fantasy Files

King Ing August 18, 2009 2

With fantasy football drafts right around the corner, the NFL and Reebok again have teamed up and created the NFL Fantasy Files. This years viral videos feature Darren Sproles, Santonio Holmes, Joe Flacco, Maurice

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The Softball Chronicles, Vol 3

King Ing July 17, 2009 0

The Softball Guy is back! Seriously could this guy be more entertaining

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The Softball Guy Chronicles, Vol. 2

King Ing June 18, 2009 0

I love this guy. Although I still don’t know how he “mashes” the ball. TSG has less muscle tone than Brian Scalabrine

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Will this madness ever end?

King Ing June 17, 2009 0

There is a line between awesome and annoying. I think I have reached that point with these Kobe Bryant and Lebron James puppet commercial by Nike. The only reason why this one is being

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How many more muppet commercials do they have?

King Ing June 1, 2009 0

Nike’s dream scenario didn’t pan out as the Cleveland Cavaliers were eliminated over the weekend by the Orlando Magic. But they still got a chance to release one last muppet commercial featuring Kobe Bryant

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Kobe Bryant shows Lebron James that he is unstoppable

King Ing May 21, 2009 0

Nike is really hoping for a Lakers v Cavaliers NBA Finals. That way they can constantly run these Kobe Bryant and Lebron James muppet ads. Here is the latest installment where KB24 gives video

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The NBA digitally enhances some Amazing Finals Moments

King Ing May 20, 2009 2

We have all seen the incredible digitally enhanced commercials featuring Larry Bird stealing the ball and the Kobe to Shaq alley-oop. Well leave it to the NBA to have another two ads up its

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Kobe Bryant misplaced his championship rings

King Ing May 15, 2009 0

These Nike muppet commercials featuring Kobe Bryant and Lebron James are really entertaining. “The Chalk” ad was great, but this “Three Rings” one was even better. I wonder what video game LBJ is trying

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