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DiGiorno gives Nate Burleson free pizza for a year

DiGiorno gives Nate Burleson free pizza for a year

King Ing October 28, 2013 0

Some of you may have heard about Nate Burleson’s freak car accident where he broke his arm trying to save a pizza from sliding off the passenger seat. After finding out about the unfortunate

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The Spurs played like they ate this giant pizza last night

King Ing June 14, 2013 0

Some San Antonio Spurs fan decided to honor his favorite team by making this gigantic pizza featuring the mascot, logo, and the Larry O’Brien trophy. How do you even cook this thing? What size

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Houston Astros and their snow cone fiasco

King Ing May 23, 2013 0

Jimmy Traina alerts us to this food vendor at Minute Maid Park in Houston taking his unsold snow cones into the bathroom for a little number two action. ARAMARK alerted the Astros organization immediately

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The Texas Tech Jones AT&T Stadium cake

King Ing May 14, 2013 0

Cake Art in San Antonio created this beauty for one lucky Texas Tech Red Raider fan. How do you even go about cutting this thing

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The Stanley Cup made out of cupcakes

King Ing May 1, 2013 0

It seems like someone forgot to tell the NHL that the cupcake craze is dead. I mean what other reason would they partner up with Crumbs and NBC Sports to sell limited “Stanley Cup(cakes).”

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Bubba Watson’s Champions Dinner menu

King Ing April 9, 2013 0

Bubba Watson’s Champions Dinner menu at the Masters can be described in one word….BORING! The menu included all the staples you find on Applebee’s two for twenty deal. I mean could he have been

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Remake the Willie Beamen music video and you get a free 6 ft sub

King Ing January 30, 2013 0

No. 7 Sub in New York City might have the best Super Bowl giveaway of the year. All they ask is one person recreate part of the iconic music video “My Name is Willie”

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Who doesn’t want a Johnny Manziel pizza

King Ing December 13, 2012 0

Hungry Howie’s in College Station decided to commemorate Johnny Manziel’s Heisman win the only way they know how. By creating a pizza for the freshman made with cheese and pepperoni. The pie looks like

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The Jayson Werth cupcake looks mighty tasty

King Ing October 12, 2012 0

I need this Jayson Werth cupcake immediately. Hook me up Fluffy Thoughts Cakes! -H/T @Mr_KevinJones

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Dallas pizzeria has one great deal for Giants and Redskins fans

King Ing September 7, 2012 0

Extreme Pizza in Dallas, Tx has the deal of the century for all you New York Giants and Washington Redskins supporters. One jumbo slice of pizza and a fountain drink for only $863.49. That

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