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Giants fans must be excited for the return of the McRib

King Ing October 29, 2010 0

By the looks of things they all can’t wait to take that first bite. Just watch this epic brawl. You have girls fighting girls. Guys brawling with guys. Guys pushing girls. A couple making

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This is how Canadian football teams treat the fans

King Ing October 19, 2010 3

This fight at the Ontario Football Conference semi-final game between the St. Leonard team and some fans made the Ron Artest fiasco at the Palace look like childs play. “An estimated 10 to 20

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Chinese Kung-Fu over Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

King Ing October 13, 2010 0

Check out this brawl between China and Brazil during their “friendly” basketball game.A lot of missed punches and kicks in this one. Watch out for my man Wang Zhi Zhi. Actually he didn’t do

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Now this is what I call a fight

King Ing September 3, 2010 0

Forget about the fight at the U.S. Open last night. This brawl in the stands during the University of Miami v Florida A&M game is on a whole other level. Pure bedlam. -H/T The

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Nothing like a little fight in the stands at the U.S. Open

King Ing September 3, 2010 0

This little fracas happened during the Novak Djokovic and Philipp Petzschner match last night. For reasons unknown to us a young man gets into a shouting match with an older lady. After a couple

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Suzie Ketcham arrested on the “Basketball Wives” reunion

King Ing June 1, 2010 1

According to Radar Online the ex-girlfriend of Michael Olowokondi, Suzie Ketchum got into a confrontation with a basketball groupie named Sandra on the “Basketball Wives” reunion show. “Suzie got really p—– off and just

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Angels and White Sox fans rumble in the Windy City

King Ing May 24, 2010 0

So I was away at a wedding in Washington DC over the weekend and didn’t have time to post this great fight between some Los Angeles Angels and Chicago White Sox fans. Rumble city!

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Jose Offerman needs a contract with a Cuban baseball team

King Ing March 11, 2010 0

He would fit right in. Why, because Cuban baseball players like to attack pitchers with bats as well. They make Manny Ramirez and Roger Clemens look soft. -H/T Deadspin

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Any Excuse To Play This Video

Justin December 29, 2009 2

For the Jets this weekend, it’s win and they’re in. But, if you know anything about Jets history, that probably means they’ll lose. Even if the Bengals play none of their regulars. I don’t

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If you missed the Manny Pacquiao & Miguel Cotto fight

King Ing November 16, 2009 2

Here is the video. Manny Pacquiao put a beatdown on Miguel Cotto. Bring on Floyd Mayweather. This fight needs to happen. For the good of the sport get it done

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