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Now this is a good fan fight

King Ing November 22, 2011 0

Fights in the stands of sporting events usually don’t last a long period of time. Either security is there to break it up or people just get tired and give up. Well that didn’t

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These NFL fans are in mid-season form

King Ing August 22, 2011 0

The NFL is back and so are the drunk idiots that have nothing better to do than fight fans rooting for the opposing team. Check out this brawl at the Raiders – 49ers game

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Georgetown and Chinese basketball team fight video

King Ing August 18, 2011 0

What was supposed to be a goodwill tour for the Georgetown basketball team turned into a nightmare in their exhibition game with the Bayi Rockets. A game littered with hard fouls finally turned into

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Soccer players show the referee where to stick his yellow card

King Ing August 11, 2011 0

This incident happened in a match between Union San Guillermo and Atletico Tostado. Good thing they were only soccer players, otherwise this referee would have received a real beating. I love it when the

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The 2011 Copa Libertadores Final ends with a wild fight

King Ing June 23, 2011 0

The Copa Libertadores might not have the same worldwide name recognition as The Champions League, but this South American club tournament packs just as much excitement. Take the 2011 final between Brazilian side Santos

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Brawl at the Royal Ascot

King Ing June 17, 2011 0

You can dress people up, but you can’t take them out. At least you can’t take these eight guys to something as sophisticated as “Ladies Day” at the Royal Ascot. Drink all the £98

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Celtic manager Neil Lennon attacked by crazed fan

King Ing May 12, 2011 0

Celtic manager Neil Lennon is a man under attack. Over the past couple of weeks he has received numerous death threats, including an actual bullet being sent to the football clubs office. While all

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UFC 129 Fight of the night

King Ing May 3, 2011 0

Jose Aldo and Mark Hominick might have won fight of the night in the octagon, but these fans definitely won it outside at UFC 129 in Toronto. This thing went a good 2 rounds

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Lyoto Machida crane kicks Randy Couture’s face in

King Ing May 2, 2011 0

Daniel Larusso would be proud. Lyoto Machida’s crane kick from UFC 129 that retired Randy Couture is the clubhouse leader for knockout of the year. My face hurts just watching this

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Take this black eye with you to the Final Four

King Ing March 28, 2011 0

Erving Walker might not start running a possible game winning play until there are 4 seconds left in regulation (why wait so long), but the man does know how to lay down the law

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