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Eric Godard and Riley Cote take the lead for fight of the year

King Ing October 15, 2008 0

There is no love lost between the Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins. So when these two teams get together there is always a chance for a great fight. And last night they didn’t dissapoint.

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Phillies and Dodgers like to empty their benches after playing beanball

King Ing October 13, 2008 0

I think I might just post videos all day as this weekend had so many great moments. Here is the altercation between the Phillies and Dodgers that had Manny Ramirez all riled up after

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Seth Petruzelli worked Kimbo Slice in 14 seconds

King Ing October 6, 2008 0

Kimbo Slice was suppose to be the man who carried EliteXC to UFC type levels. After Saturday night, Elite might have to find a new flag bearer. Seth Petruzelli, a fill in for the

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David Blaine takes two gut punches from Kimbo Slice

King Ing September 25, 2008 0

I had no idea that David Blaine had a special on ABC last night, but AwfulAnnouncing did. They ripped this great video of Blaine taking two punches to the stomach from the Internet sensation

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Fausto Carmona vs Gary Sheffield fight

King Ing September 22, 2008 6

Who doesn’t love a good brawl especially when it deals with two heavyweights like Gary Sheffield and Fausto Carmona. The Cleveland Indians pitcher beaned Sheffield, who was none too please. Tensions were high and

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UFC Fight Night 15 Preview and Predictions

The Pirate D Rats September 16, 2008 0

Nate Diaz Vs Josh Neer Say what you will about fighters on Reality TV, but watch your mouth when it comes to the Diaz brothers.  Simply said they are Bad Ass and they love

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Toulon and Stade Francais have a fight and mix a little rugby in on the side

King Ing September 15, 2008 2

I love watching fights! I get some kind of sick enjoyment out of people beating the crap out of each other. So when WithLeather pulled video of the fight/rugby match between Toulon and Stade

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UFC 88 Preview and Predictions

The Pirate D Rats September 5, 2008 0

Chuck Liddell Vs Rashad Evans Let’s play word association, Liddell versus Evans, “Piñata” Liddell versus Evans “U.S. Olympic basketball.” Iceman wants his belt back and a definitive victory over Evans is the shortest route.

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Panthers Steve Smith brawls with Ken Lucas

King Ing August 1, 2008 0

This morning at Carolina Panthers practice, wide receiver Steve Smith and cornerback Ken Lucas fought during a sideline altercation. “The two men were on the sidelines while other members of the team were working

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3 Cubs fan beat up another man, this time a Brewers fan

King Ing July 30, 2008 1

After last nights game in which the Chicago Cubs extended their lead in the NL Central, a Milwaukee Brewers fan showed his displeasure and hurled a beer at a bus full of Cubs fans.

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