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Minor league brawl for it all

King Ing July 25, 2008 0

I guess there was a brawl in a minor league baseball game last night between the Dayton Dragons and the Peoria Chiefs. It was a good one, even the managers were going to go

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Brawl at the Palace: WNBA version

King Ing July 23, 2008 1

Does it take a fight to make the WNBA relevant? I think so. In the closing seconds of the game, LA Sparks’ Candance Parker leg sweeps someone from the Detroit Shock and a pileup

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Emelianenko or Silva, which win was more impressive?

King Ing July 20, 2008 0

There were two MMA main events last night. Each one featuring the two best “pound for pound” fighter in the game today, Fedor Emelianenko and Anderson Silva. Both secured first round victories, but which

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Jose Canseco destroyed by Vai Sikahema in the first round

King Ing July 14, 2008 0

Jose Canseco didn’t stand a chance. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t train for a fight against someone who already has 80+ fights under his belt. Vai Sikahema knocked Canseco down twice

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Kendall Holt vs Ricardo Torres II

King Ing July 7, 2008 0

The most exciting minute of boxing this year. Nighty night! Someone went to sleep a little earlier than he expected

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White Sox fan gets bitch slapped

King Ing July 2, 2008 0

What do you do when someone just walks up to and slaps you right across the face? If you are a White Sox fan you just stand there and do nothing as a Cubs

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Chicago Cubs and White Sox fans unite like Voltron

King Ing June 30, 2008 1

Fights in the stands are an everyday occurrence. But having White Sox and Cubs fans fight in unison is something to behold. BustedCoverage has video and the background of a beating one man took

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Hockey Sticks are Weapons

King Ing June 11, 2008 1

I don’t know much about the league, teams, or actually how old the fight is. What I do know, the brawl is awesome! The use of hockey sticks was gratuitous, but of course necessary.

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Celtics fans have to be smarter than this

King Ing June 9, 2008 0

FanIQ has a great video find of a Celtics fan in a Paul Pierce jersey attending the Game 2 viewing party at Staples Center. You can guess what happened next. Paul Pierce can not

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Just like I thought: Coco Crisp got into a fight

King Ing June 5, 2008 4

I knew there were going to be repercussions from Coco Crisp’s hard slide last night. And the Tampa Bay Devil Rays didn’t waste any time. In his first at bat, Crisp was hit on

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