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Cristiano Ronaldo needs to stay far away from Paris

King Ing June 19, 2009 3

Hilton that is. She is like a vulture and wants in on the Cristiano Ronaldo fame train. As News of the World reports: “She brazenly pursued her goal of scoring with the footballer by

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Rihanna is crushing hard on Rashard Lewis

King Ing June 15, 2009 2

Forget Andrew Bynum, Gatecrasher tells us that Rihanna was at Game 4 of the NBA Finals for one reason. “A source tells us that the “Umbrella” warbler attended the game at the behest of

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Eva Longoria heats up GQ Mexico

King Ing June 12, 2009 9

If one of us found out our home was robbed, we would pretty much feel violated. I am sure that is the way Tony Parker felt when an autographed Michael Jordan jersey was stolen from his house. Then

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Cristiano Ronaldo hooks up with Paris Hilton

King Ing June 11, 2009 2

Say it ain’t so! How does one celebrate a record setting soccer transfer? If you are Cristiano Ronaldo you do it by running up a five figure bar tab and hooking up with the

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Kate Hudson and A-Rod introduced by matchmaker

King Ing June 11, 2009 0

A real estate broker can find you a killer place to live, but if you are Alex Rodriguez he can also find you a sweet date. “We hear that superagent Adam Modlin of NYC’s

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Surprise, Kendra Wilkinson is pregnant

King Ing June 10, 2009 0

That didn’t take long. Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett announced that they have a bun in the oven. “The Girls Next Door E! reality star told E! News‘s Marc Malkin, “Hank and I are

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Kim Kardashian engaged to Reggie Bush

King Ing June 3, 2009 2

Well at least according to Star they are. “A rep for the Keeping Up with the Kardashians hottie tells Star that Kim is betrothed to NFL star Reggie Bush. “They are engaged,” says the

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Kendra Wilkinson is hard at work pimping her new show

King Ing June 2, 2009 1

Kendra Wilkinson is doing everything right to peak my interest in her new show on E! this Sunday night. I wonder if it was Hank Baskett’s idea to put the stripper pole right by

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Elisha Cuthbert takes you into the weekend

King Ing May 29, 2009 7

Here are the outakes of Elisha Cuthbert from her Men’s Health Magazine shoot. If these are the rejected pictures, I can only wonder what those in the magazine look like. Too bad I am

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Adriana Lima pregnant too?!?!

King Ing May 26, 2009 0

That is it. Today all I am going to do is post about hit chicks getting beat up or being pregnant. According to the Gatecrasher Adriana Lima might have a bun in the oven.

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