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The Zoo York crew take over Yankee Stadium

King Ing May 21, 2013 0

What do you get when you let Chaz Ortiz, Dave Willis and Brandon Westgate roam around an empty Yankee Stadium with their skateboards

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The last skateboarding video you ever need to see

California Correspondent October 7, 2008 0

I’ve always felt that if you’ve seen one stakeboarding video, you’ve seen them all. Crazy kick flips, ollies, toe grabs, broken bones, bad spills, back side whatevers… It took Spike Jones to take skating

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Extreme Windsurfing

Justin August 19, 2008 0

Tropical Storm Fay makes windsurfing extra fun! Thanks to Alex for sending it in&#

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Danny Way got Big Air, but crashed Big too

King Ing August 1, 2008 1

I am not much of an X-Games guy, but I have heard of Danny Way before. As a fan of the “Rob and Big” show on MTV I saw the episode where Way appeared.

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Helicopter fishing, no rod required

California Correspondent July 20, 2008 0

When I turn on the tv on Sunday morning and see sport-fishing on ESPN, I’m always annoyed because I’ve never considered fishing a “sport”. These crazy sons of bitches in New Zealand have completely

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