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Against the Spread (Christmas Weekend Bowl Edition)

DeGags December 26, 2008 0

Motor City Bowl 12/26 Central Michigan vs. Florida Atlantic. I honestly know diddly about either team, but from my analysis of the numbers, Central Michigan is quite capable of covering the 7 point spread.

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Against the Spread (Hawaii Bowl)

King Ing December 24, 2008 0

Hawaii vs. Notre Dame. Sticking with the underdog mentality, I like The Irish to surprise everyone with a win here. Hawaii has not been on point at all this year, and if either team

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Against the Spread (Poinsettia Bowl)

King Ing December 23, 2008 0

Merry Christmas!! DeGags Clause is hoping to treat all his little elves very well this year. Had a few surprises this past weekend, but overall we did well. Let’s not waste any time getting

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Against the Spread (NFL Week 16 pt.4)

DeGags December 22, 2008 0

DeGags recovered nicely from the virus with straight fire on Sunday. He deserves 3 wine coolers this Christmas. Green Bay at Chicago. This will be a close game, anyone’s game. So why not receive

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Against the Spread (NFL Week 16 pt 3)

DeGags December 21, 2008 2

The Steelers at Tennessee. Did you know that Pittsburgh has lost 7 out of 8 meetings in Tennessee? I still think that Tennessee is the best in the AFC. I take Tennessee straight up

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Against the Spread (NFL Week 16 pt.2 & College Bowl Picks)

DeGags December 20, 2008 0

DeGags is back. Whether you love him or hate him, he continues to entertain with his selections. Here are Saturday’s winners! We start with Baltimore at Dallas. I’ll keep this short and sweet, I

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Against the Spread (NFL Week 16)

King Ing December 18, 2008 5

DeGags is out today, so we brought in a sub. Big G hails from the home of the cheesesteaks. He loves Crown Royal/Ginger Ale and buying the 4 and 10 at the craps table.

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Against the Spread (Week 15 Pt. 2)

DeGags December 14, 2008 1

I have got a few good picks for my loyal readers ( i dare not substitute in the term “fans”) We begin with Detroit +17 at Indy. It has been a dismal year for

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Against the Spread (NFL Week 15)

DeGags December 11, 2008 7

The Saints are the most inconsistent good team in football. They crush some opponents and lose to weaker ones. The Chicago Bears are consistent, they have lost to every NFC South team they have

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Against the Spread (NFL Week 14 Pt.2)

DeGags December 8, 2008 3

Degags is struggling and needs to pick it up! This could be one of the best games this season, Christmas has come early, as have the playoffs. What’s on the line here? TB has

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