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2011 College Football opening lines

King Ing June 13, 2011 0

The Golden Nugget sportsbook released their 2011 college football opening spreads on 105 games for this upcoming season. As a degenerate gambler it is fun to see how the “sharps” move the line with

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Phil Ivey not playing in the 2011 WSOP

King Ing June 1, 2011 0

One poker superstar is taking a hard-nose stance when it comes to the way Full Tilt Poker has handled repaying their players since the DOJ seized the site. Phil Ivey released a statement revealing

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Miami/Virgina vs Nikkei

King Ing March 11, 2011 0

Let me start off by saying my thoughts and prayers go out to those in Japan that are suffering through the devastation of the earthquake and tsunami. I just wanted to see how similar

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The 2010-2011 College Bowl Season gets underway

King Ing December 18, 2010 0

At 2PM today we get the start of 35 college bowl games in 24 days! Kicking off my favorite season is UTEP v BYU and ending with the National Championship game between Auburn and

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2010 NFL Over/Under Win Totals

King Ing July 15, 2010 0

So the 2010/2011 NFL Over/Under win totals are now out and at first glance I see a couple that really stand out. The Houston Texans over 8 wins is a must bet for me.

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2010 World Cup Gambling: Day 8

King Ing June 17, 2010 0

My pick for Day 1 didn’t pan out, so I decided to take some time off to get a feel for the teams before I made my next foray into the World Cup gambling

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2010 World Cup Gambling: Day 1

King Ing June 10, 2010 0

Being the degenerate that I am it is only right that I supply you with some winners (most likely losers) for this 2010 World Cup. But who knows, maybe I can replicate the great

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24 Cupcakes in 90 minutes for $25k…Could you do it?

King Ing June 2, 2010 1

People always ask the question, is poker a sport? I could care less about the answer. What I really love about the game is the degenerate activities that go on, especially the prop bets.

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Taking a look at possible Final Four forecasted lines

King Ing March 9, 2010 0

Being an avid sports gambler (one week being totally awesome and then the next week questioning my life on this Earth), I figured it is never too early to look at some possible Final

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Is the worst NBA team bad enough to lose to a top NCAA one

King Ing January 29, 2010 1

That is a question I have always asked myself. What would the spread be like? Wonder no more as answers the question for us. “Here’s an interesting matchup: New Jersey Nets vs. Kentucky

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