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Kyrie Irving gets served

Kyrie Irving gets served

King Ing September 26, 2013 0

While Kyrie Irving was visiting schools in South Africa with UNICEF he found himself in a dance battle with one of the young children. As you can see he got his ankles broken by

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Gabrielle Douglas, Aly Raisman and Jordyn Wieber go Gangnam Style

King Ing November 21, 2012 0

The 2012 Olympic gold medalists took North Carolina by storm with their own version of Gangnam Style. But instead of calling it by its true name, Gabby Douglas, Aly Raisman and Jordyn Wieber decided

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You can’t beat Emmanuel Lewis in a dance-off

King Ing November 9, 2012 0

The Atlanta Falcons held their annual Footbowl tournament to benefit Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. During the event one of my favorite childhood TV characters Webster decided to challenge Stephen Nicholas to a little dance-off.

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Carmelo Anthony rocking with MJ

King Ing January 20, 2011 0

How does one react to the news of not being traded to the New Jersey Nets? Of course you play the Michael Jackson’s Experience video game. At least that is what Carmelo Anthony did.

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Clayton Kershaw shows off his wedding day dance moves

King Ing December 10, 2010 1

California Correspondent’s favorite pitcher Clayton Kershaw got married to Ellen Melson over the weekend. And thanks to Vin Scully is my Homeboy there is now video of the Dodgers pitcher and his lovely bride

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The Oklahoma St baseball team has one big dance party

King Ing November 11, 2010 0

Watch as the Oklahoma St baseball team drives into dance city while listening to Yolanda Be Cool’s “No Americano.” Just straight fist pumpin all over the place. It is mandatory to post the video

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Forget baseball, UCONN and S Florida battle on the dancefloor

King Ing May 22, 2009 1

What a way to wake up in the morning. Thanks to The Sporting Blog for pointing out the greatest video ever! Maybe not ever, but the best video since I woke up. Things must

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The most creative move ever

California Correspondent December 6, 2008 0

Instead of spiking the ball in the end zone, or crossing your heart and giving thanks to jesus, why can’t more athletes be creative like Lucarelli in this video below? [Via Deuce

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