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Tom Brady let the dogs out

King Ing August 17, 2012 0

VMan Magazine gets Tom Brady to grace the cover of their Fall 2012 issue. Smart choice!

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Steve Nash Parodies “Titanic”

King Ing August 3, 2012 0

Just stop Steve Nash. Please, just stop making these

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USA Olympic Swim Team creates a Call Me Maybe video

King Ing July 27, 2012 0

Just like every other athlete before them, the US Olympic Swim team decided to make a lip-sync video of this year’s mega-hit “Call Me Maybe.” Someone needs to just call me when these Ryan

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Michael Vick goes undercover at Modell’s

King Ing July 24, 2012 0

Taking a cue from the likes of Landry Fields and Danny Woodhead, Michael Vick decides to go undercover as a salesperson at Modell’s Sporting Goods in Time Square to sell his new V7 clothing

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USWNT like to Party in the USA

King Ing July 23, 2012 0

Forget doing a “Call Me Maybe” video, the Unites States Womens National Soccer Team decided to take it back and cover Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA.” -H/T The Big Lead

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Steve Nash Parodies “The Godfather”

King Ing July 20, 2012 0

Can Steve Nash please stop making these videos? They are horrifically bad

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Rondae Jefferson remakes a Michael Jordan/Spike Lee Nike commercial

King Ing July 16, 2012 0

Top 25 high school basketball recruit Rondae Jefferson teamed up with actor Rashawn Tucker to recreate this classic Nike ad staring Michael Jordan and Spike Lee

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Steve Nash is “The Bourne Laker”

King Ing July 12, 2012 0

The newest Los Angeles Lakers PG is taking this Hollywood thing a little too far. First he gives us a little “Dark Knight” action and now we get him in a parody as Jason

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Tom Brady gets arrested

King Ing July 10, 2012 1

It’s all an act as Tom Brady teams up with CVS and Unreal Candy for a little scaring contest against unsuspecting customers. Maybe he took it a little too far in giving away candy

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Rob Gronkowski just dominates at everything

King Ing July 10, 2012 1

While we know Rob Gronkowski can dominate on the football field, last night he showed us he can reign supreme on the baseball diamond as well. As a participant in the Triple-A celebrity Home

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