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Ed Hardy has a Dwight Howard t-shirt line?

King Ing March 24, 2010 3

I never really understood the fascination people have with the Ed Hardy line of clothing. But to each his own. One of those infatuated with the line is none other than Dwight Howard. Even

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Fernando Verdasco’s Calvin Klein X Underwear Ad Campaign

King Ing February 4, 2010 2

So now that Armani unleashed their Crisitano Ronaldo and Megan Fox photospreads, it was only time before Calvin Klein released their own. They used the same idea as Armani for their X Underwear line

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Chad Ochocinco performs his single “Dat Ain’t My Baby”

King Ing January 26, 2010 1

It seems that Chad Ochocinco is branching out and trying his hand as a rapper and air guitarist. He performed his single “Dat Ain’t My Baby” off his debut album “Child Please” (obv a

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Armani Underwear Photospread

King Ing January 13, 2010 2

A day after Megan Fox’s photos were released, Armani followed it up by giving us Cristiano Ronaldo’s underwear spread. Why can’t I look like this? Somewhere in New Jersey, Mike “The Situation” is crying

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Gilbert Arenas “Ink, not Mink” photo spread

King Ing January 7, 2010 2

Gilbert Arenas had a pretty eventful 28th birthday. Not only was “Agent Zero” suspended indefinitely for his behavior off the court, PETA also released his new photos from their “Ink, not Mink” campaign. Talk

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Vanity Fair cashing in on Tiger Woods

King Ing January 4, 2010 0

I guess Vanity Fair wants in on Tiger Woods mania as they released the new issue with never before seen pictures taken back in January 2006. Anything to sell magazines

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Freddie Ljungberg taking his first step into Hollywood

King Ing December 15, 2009 0

When Freddie Ljunberg signed with the Seattle Sounders, most thought it was a decision made with ulterior motives. This was an ideal opportunity for him not only to continue to play soccer, but it

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Chad Ocho Cinco Condoms

King Ing November 23, 2009 0

If you follow Chad Johnson’s twitter page you realize this guy has way too much time on his hands. But then again if he didn’t, he wouldn’t be able to introduce the world to

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Junior Seau got bull rushed

King Ing September 29, 2009 1

So this is what retired NFL linebackers do with their free time. Junior Seau was in Ontario over the weekend for something called the PBR. He was working as one of the Dickies Durabullfighters

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Ric Flair can make you rich bitch

King Ing September 24, 2009 3

North Carolina released a new scratch off lottery ticket featuring the one Ric Flair! It’s only fitting as “The Nature Boy” is from Charlotte. But what is the deal with these costing five dollars

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