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Field of Dreams 2: NFL Lockout

King Ing July 6, 2011 0

Funny or Die puts together a Pro-Bowl cast for this short skit featuring Taylor Lautner as an Iowa farmer who hears voices, interprets them as a command to build a football field in his

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Basketball Tonight – NBA Finals

King Ing June 7, 2011 0

Dwayne Potter just channeling his inner Magic Johnson. Basketball Tonight – NBA Finals – watch more funny videos

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Rampage Jackson is the World’s Worst Bodyguard

King Ing May 31, 2011 0

Rampage Jackson shows us how not to be a professional bodyguard. Rampage Jackson is the World’s Worst Bodyguard from Rampage Jackson

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Found out what Cristiano Ronaldo will be doing during the Champions League final

King Ing May 26, 2011 0

The man will be in his house of mirrors pounding out some crunches while telling himself that it should be him playing at Wembley. No finger wags or shoulder shrugs here. I actually wonder

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Super Gay NCAA Recap

King Ing April 7, 2011 0

The title says it all

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The trick shot video to end all trick shot videos

King Ing February 17, 2011 0

Watch at how easy the Waratah Rugby team executes all of their trick shots. I wonder how many takes to perfect the “sauce shot.” Johnny McEntee and Caroline Doty, eat your heart out

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Donald Trump must have heard Willow Smith’s hit song

King Ing December 7, 2010 0

The only thing more entertaining than watching the Jets lose 45-3 last night was watching the wind wreak havoc with Donald Trump’s hair. I have never seen it move before. Just tremendous

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JAY-Z feat. John Mayer “LEBRON IS GONE” video

King Ing July 17, 2010 0

Leave it to Affion Crockett, Jevin Smith, and Mark Douglas to spoof LeBron James’ decision using Jay-Z and John Mayer as their muse. The LBJ running man might be my new move on the

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Knicks fans always taking it to the next level

King Ing July 13, 2010 0

I really shouldn’t find this LeBron James parody all that funny, but I can’t help myself

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High-Five World Cup!

King Ing June 23, 2010 0

The High-Five guys are back. This time slapping it up for the 2010 World Cup. This video features the likes of Shakira, Landon Donovan, Tim Howard, Carlos Bocanegra, Quinton Fortune, Franz Beckenbauer and many more.

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