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Donald Trump must have heard Willow Smith’s hit song

King Ing December 7, 2010 0

The only thing more entertaining than watching the Jets lose 45-3 last night was watching the wind wreak havoc with Donald Trump’s hair. I have never seen it move before. Just tremendous

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JAY-Z feat. John Mayer “LEBRON IS GONE” video

King Ing July 17, 2010 0

Leave it to Affion Crockett, Jevin Smith, and Mark Douglas to spoof LeBron James’ decision using Jay-Z and John Mayer as their muse. The LBJ running man might be my new move on the

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Knicks fans always taking it to the next level

King Ing July 13, 2010 0

I really shouldn’t find this LeBron James parody all that funny, but I can’t help myself

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High-Five World Cup!

King Ing June 23, 2010 0

The High-Five guys are back. This time slapping it up for the 2010 World Cup. This video features the likes of Shakira, Landon Donovan, Tim Howard, Carlos Bocanegra, Quinton Fortune, Franz Beckenbauer and many more.

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Jim Brockmire: The Greatest Sportscaster of our time

King Ing May 4, 2010 14

Thanks to Funny or Die we have (IMO) one of the funniest men in the world Hank Azaria portray great baseball announcer Jim Brockmire. If you care Dan Patrick, Joe Buck, and Rich Eisen

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The Softball Guy did what?!?!

King Ing February 16, 2010 0

For the love of all things sacred in this world. I might have been blinded by his canon of an arm, but thanks to Matt Sebek I now see the error in my ways.

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This is how I picture all Jets fans

King Ing January 7, 2010 0

The geniuses at created a web series called Jersey Sports Fans. If you haven’t seen it yet, you have some catching up to do. In their latest installment they show us how one

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Baseball Fantasy Camp with Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard

King Ing August 5, 2009 0

How much does it cost to attend this fantasy baseball camp with Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins? It involves everything I love. Eating, karaoke, and movies!

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Chris Cooley and Colt Brennan help with your fantasy draft

King Ing July 29, 2009 1

When Chris Cooley and Colt Brennan realized they didn’t get their own “Fantasy Files” spot they created two of their own. But instead of portraying themselves, they decide to poke a little fun at

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Who knew sock puppets could talk?

King Ing June 29, 2009 1

Rockin Steady brings us the 2009 installment of the one and only “Steven A. Smith” at the NBA Draft. Never has a sock on a grown man’s hand been this much fun

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