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NCAA Expands March Madness To Include 4,096 Teams

King Ing March 13, 2009 3

The Onion Sports Network alerts us to the fact that the NCAA has welcomed more teams into their annual tournament. 4,096 to be exact

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Yao Ming dares Clutch, the mascot to fight 8 year olds

King Ing March 4, 2009 2

Yao Ming should know better than this. How are you going to tell a grown mascot to fight a bunch of elementary school kids? Although this does remind me of the site, howmanyfiveyearoldscouldyoutakeinafight. -H/T

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“I Kissed a Boy” by Greg Paulus

King Ing March 3, 2009 2

Not really by Greg Paulus, but it mocks him and other present and former Duke players. And since I have a hatred for all everything associated with the Blue Devils this fits in perfectly

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Softball Guy Winter Warmup

King Ing February 24, 2009 2

JoeSportsFan chronicles the offseason workout regimen of “softball guy.” I would like to think we all know someone like this. Actually the world would be a better place if we did. Well done!

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Nate Robinson dunks over Biff Henderson

King Ing February 20, 2009 0

Winning the Slam Dunk competition usually gets you a trophy and some cash. But if you are part of the New York Knicks it gets you some time on the David Letterman Show. I

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Guillermo at the Champions of Gaming

King Ing February 6, 2009 0

Like I said earlier this week, Guillermo is a walking comedy. Here he is at the Champions of Gaming with Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter, John Cena, Reggie Bush, among others raining down the funny

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Santonio Holmes just needs to play it safe

King Ing February 2, 2009 2

I think this greeting card sums it all up. Let’s hope Santonio Holmes doesn’t fall into the same trap Plaxico Burress did

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Jeff Lurie needs lessons in high-fives

King Ing December 29, 2008 2

I don’t want to talk about the NFL. But this was too good to pass up. Eagles owner Jeff Lurie gets pretty excited after a Philly touchdown that he high-fives his wife in the

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Merry Christmas

King Ing December 24, 2008 2

Hope you all have a great Christmas holiday. And to ensure that it starts off with a bang here is a video of myself singing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

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Elf Yourself featuring Kobe, Lebron and D-Wade

King Ing December 11, 2008 2

Great to know that this is what struggling companies like Office Max are spending their budget on. Instead of creating dumb $hit like this, they should focus on how they could keep their chain

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