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Softball Guy Winter Warmup

King Ing February 24, 2009 2

JoeSportsFan chronicles the offseason workout regimen of “softball guy.” I would like to think we all know someone like this. Actually the world would be a better place if we did. Well done!

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Nate Robinson dunks over Biff Henderson

King Ing February 20, 2009 0

Winning the Slam Dunk competition usually gets you a trophy and some cash. But if you are part of the New York Knicks it gets you some time on the David Letterman Show. I

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Guillermo at the Champions of Gaming

King Ing February 6, 2009 0

Like I said earlier this week, Guillermo is a walking comedy. Here he is at the Champions of Gaming with Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter, John Cena, Reggie Bush, among others raining down the funny

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Santonio Holmes just needs to play it safe

King Ing February 2, 2009 2

I think this greeting card sums it all up. Let’s hope Santonio Holmes doesn’t fall into the same trap Plaxico Burress did

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Jeff Lurie needs lessons in high-fives

King Ing December 29, 2008 2

I don’t want to talk about the NFL. But this was too good to pass up. Eagles owner Jeff Lurie gets pretty excited after a Philly touchdown that he high-fives his wife in the

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Merry Christmas

King Ing December 24, 2008 2

Hope you all have a great Christmas holiday. And to ensure that it starts off with a bang here is a video of myself singing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

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Elf Yourself featuring Kobe, Lebron and D-Wade

King Ing December 11, 2008 2

Great to know that this is what struggling companies like Office Max are spending their budget on. Instead of creating dumb $hit like this, they should focus on how they could keep their chain

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Keenan Thompson does a mean Plaxico Burress for SNL

King Ing December 8, 2008 0

You know it’s somewhat of a big deal when SNL makes fun of you. And you know it really must be a good story when they use Keenan Thompson, who I believe is the

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High School Musical 3 starring Rudy Fernandez and Jon Barry

King Ing December 5, 2008 1

BustABucket created the best video mashing the great High School Musical cast with Rudy Fernandez of the Portland Trailblazers and ESPN analyst Jon Barry. “A few weeks back, when the Blazers played the Rockets,

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