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Knicks Almost Done Sucking

tommy neumann April 7, 2010 2

The days of being a loser as a Knick fan are coming to an end. At least thats according to Donnie Walsh, the team’s president, who said on Tuesday that he thinks the Knicks

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Saying Farewell to Iverson’s Braids

California Correspondent February 15, 2009 0

Iverson said farewell to his trademark braids today — and he has at least one fan of his new look. Shaq calls it cute. I think it’s very commander-in-chief looking

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What We Lost in The Fire

Justin January 18, 2009 10

George W Bush leaves the Presidency with a legacy marked by failure.  In his 8 years of power, The President has engaged this nation in 2 wars while scaling back civil rights and decreasing our global

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