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Which athlete and actress are having an affair?

King Ing June 21, 2010 0

This item comes from Blind Gossip and asks: Today’s blind involves an A list athlete and a C list actress. The actress is more than just a fan of the big time player. The

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Which actress is keeping her options open?

King Ing April 30, 2010 1

Today’s blind item comes from Star Magazine and asks: “Which actress may have big love for her athlete boyfriend but is keeping her options open behind the scenes? She’s been spotted getting cozy with

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Trouble in Liverpool land?

King Ing April 23, 2010 0

This blind item has been floating around for a couple days and asks: “World Cup Wags has just come across some shocking news that is totally unconfirmed, but alleged to be just in from

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What sports star likes the dudes?

King Ing April 9, 2010 0

Today’s blind item comes from the Daily Mirror and asks: “Which macho sports star has a secret penchant for slim dark men? The fella in question has a girlfriend but made a play for

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Celebrity Breakup just a publicity stunt?

King Ing March 30, 2010 0

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Olympic tickets not so easy to come by for this star

King Ing February 25, 2010 2

This item comes from Blind Gossip and asks us: “While quite a few celebrities have managed to make their way up to Vancouver for the Olympic Games, one actor certainly made a less-than-super impression.

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Who is using her husband’s affair to try and break into acting

King Ing February 23, 2010 0

Today’s blind item comes from BuzzFoto and asks us: “We hear this wife of a talented athlete is using a recent affair as leverage to get what she wants. What does she want? She

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Which athlete and actress have an open relationship?

King Ing February 16, 2010 0

This blind item comes from CDAN and and details us this thought. “Apparently this relationship between a C+/B- list movie and television actress and her A list athlete boyfriend is not as serious as

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What young star hates on Carrie Underwood and The Who?

King Ing February 8, 2010 0

This item comes from Blind Gossip. “Which young star embarrassed themselves at a Superbowl party yesterday? Not only did they have way too much to drink, they were also very loudly critical of both

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Which soccer star is fooling around with a D-list reality star?

King Ing January 14, 2010 0

Today’s blind item comes from the Daily Mirror and asks: “Which married Premiership footballer is having an affair with a D-list former reality TV star behind his unsuspecting wife’s back?” The possibilities for married

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