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I need to watch a game with Bela Karolyi

King Ing August 15, 2008 0

Bela Karolyi gets so excited watching womens gymnastics it is quite comical. The pure passion is great. I know that he used to coach for the Americans and his wife now has the same

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Dwayne Wade to Kobe Bryant = sick alley-oop

King Ing August 14, 2008 2

Here is the sick alley-oop that saw Dwayne Wade falling out of bounds and throwing it up to Kobe Bryant who does the rest. Insane. P.S. Greece can’t stop Chris Bosh! -Awesome AwfulAnnouncing

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The Audacity of Dope

Dave in Brighton August 11, 2008 0

Well, that was fast. It only took four days for the first doping scandal of the Olympics to emerge. And — surprise! — it involves cycling. Spanish rider Maria Isabel Moreno failed a test

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The United States Masked Marauders

California Correspondent August 5, 2008 0

With the Olympics starting in just a few days, US cyclicsts have been spotted rolling into Beijing sporting specially designed surgical-type masks to protect them from the air pollution. These masks raise three questions

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