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Teach Me How To Gundy Part 2

King Ing December 5, 2011 0

After Oklahoma St destroyed Oklahoma in the Battle of Bedlam, Mike Gundy reminded us how he likes to celebrate in the locker room

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Rex Ryan staying classy

King Ing November 14, 2011 0

Rex Ryan telling a fan to “Shut the F up.” Kiss the rings. Have to love #68 trying to go for a high-five, only to be left hanging when no one was there to

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Mike Gundy gets low

King Ing September 28, 2011 0

This is a coach I want to play for. One that doesn’t mind dancing around like a buffoon after a huge win on the road against a top 10 team. Mike Gundy can get

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This is how you do it

King Ing September 15, 2011 0

University of California womens basketball assistant coach Daron Park absolutely tears up his own version of Montell Jordan’s, “This is how we do it.” I just caught myself nodding my head. -HT Deadspin

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Davin Meggett runs over Randy Edsall

King Ing September 14, 2011 0

Maryland’s Davin Megget must really be mad at Coach. Why else would he truck Randy Edsall? Maybe he just wants more playing time. Although Edsall should be lowering that shoulder to show him who’s

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This is a real Situation

King Ing September 12, 2011 0

Tom Izzo loves himself some Jersey Shore

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Fran Dunphy knows how to get over a heartbreaking loss

King Ing March 23, 2011 0

Sure you might have just lost a double OT game against San Diego St. But If you are Temple coach Fran Dunphy, nothing will put a smile back on your face like taking a

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Buzz Williams sings the hits

King Ing March 1, 2011 0

Marquette basketball coach Buzz Williams is a favorite of mine for his animated behavior on the sidelines. Not to mention that he also sweats through his suit during every game. After watching him sing

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Flex on Tito

King Ing September 2, 2010 0

What is the first thing you do when you hear your daughter got engaged? The ideal answer would probably be to wish her congratulations. But if you are Terry Francona you rip off your

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I need to hire Scott Cochran as a trainer

King Ing August 24, 2010 0

I don’t think anyone or anything has ever motivated me to want to workout more than watching this video of Alabama’s strength and conditioning coach Scott Cochran hype up the #1 ranked Crimson Tide

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