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Onion rings deserve a Tommy Point

King Ing March 21, 2011 0

Here we have Tommy Heinsohn doing his dance of joy while eating a seafood platter and color commentating a Celtics game. Best and most biased announcer in the game. You gotta love it. -H/T

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Bob Knight dropping megaton curse bombs on Gameday

King Ing March 5, 2011 0

Digger Phelps’ led Baylor 5 might have just stopped Bob Knight’s coached 5 in a last second play scenario, but it was “The General” that stole the show with the College Gameday line of

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Rich Eisen’s 40 yard dash still the slowest at the combine

King Ing March 2, 2011 1

Even though Rich Eisen might have posted his best 40 yard dash time with a 6.18, it still made him the slowest timed individual at the 2011 Combine. At least he put up a

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Danny Woodwhat? Danny Woodwho?

King Ing January 14, 2011 0

Joe Theismann had the NFL Network crew in a tizzy when he mistakenly called Danny Woodhead….Danny Woodcock. No matter what age we see that dick references never get old

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Kim Jones takes some pie to the face

King Ing September 9, 2010 0

Nick Swisher hit a walk off home run yesterday. With that comes the traditional pie to the face. Unfortunately for Kim Jones, she was going to catch some too. In her eye

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EJ, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley are in top playoff form

King Ing April 21, 2010 0

The TNT team of Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley put on the best pregame, halftime, postgame out there. I am talking pure entertainment value. Take EJ and Kenny getting Chuck a “Shake

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Clint Dempsey did what inside the area???

King Ing April 2, 2010 0

It looks like someone at Sky Sports has a fat finger. While trying to describe Clint Dempsey’s shot on goal, the staff member accidentally typed out: “45 MINS: SHIT BY DEMPSEY INSIDE AREA, GOES

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Erin Andrews only wants to dance with Maxim Chernovsky

King Ing March 15, 2010 3

“The Sideline Princess” is big time now. She only enjoys dancing with professionals, not analysts like Dick Vitale

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Rich Eisen’s 40 yard dash time still makes him undraftable

King Ing March 3, 2010 0

It is that time of year again. When Rich Eisen dons a Prada suit and takes his turn at the 40 yard dash. Just like last year my favorite part is when the NFL

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I tried this major in college

King Ing January 5, 2010 1

And failed miserably at it. Jeron Johnson on the other hand is well on his way to getting his degree in “cummunication.” -H/T Lang Whitaker

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