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Charles Barkley’s favorite president is Abraham Lincoln

King Ing December 28, 2012 0

Leave it to Charles Barkley to say something that should shock me, but had me rolling on the floor laughing. I mean if Ernie Johnson can find humor in it, so can I. “Abraham

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San Francisco Giants broadcasters awkward Gangnam Style dance

King Ing November 5, 2012 0

Dave Flemming and Jon Miller should stick to their day jobs. I mean this is the worst Gangnam Style dancing we have yet to see. People at the San Francisco Giants victory parade were

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Mike & Mike Gangnam Style outtakes

King Ing November 2, 2012 0

It’s not as good as the John Clayton blooper reel, but Mike and Mike do make things look funny in their outtake video

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Mike & Mike in the Morning go Gangnam Style

King Ing October 31, 2012 0

If you ever watched Mike & Mike in the Morning you know every Halloween these guys dress up as different costumes and entertain us with funny skits. This year Golic and Greeny decide to

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Erin Andrews dancing with Vanilla Ice

King Ing June 13, 2012 1

Vanilla Ice has hit the road promoting his new movie with Adam Sandler called “That’s My Boy.” One of his visits is to the ESPN Campus in Bristol where he took time out to

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Shaq punches and bites a Charles Barkley pinata

King Ing June 5, 2012 0

Can we give these guys a show year round? They have to be better than Craig Ferguson. (Justin has now made me a believer in Jimmy Fallon) Just watch as Shaq abuses a pinata

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If Meredith Marakovits is going to the YES Network…

King Ing March 20, 2012 0

who’s going to take over the job of interviewing the Super Philadelphia Eagles fan “Angry Greg Ryan?&#

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Rich Eisen showing his RG3 speed in the 40 yard dash

King Ing February 28, 2012 0

Rich Eisen just continually gets better and better every year. Watch him put up a career best 6.03 seconds at the 2012 NFL combine. Wonder if Tom Brady can run that fast

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Chuck Giampa gives us in depth analysis

King Ing January 24, 2012 0

This may be the greatest debut in the history of debuts. Chuck Giampa just killing it for the Showtime Boxing team. He sounded like me giving an oral presentation in high school. -H?T Awful

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The Blue What?

King Ing January 4, 2012 0

After being added back to the on-air roster by NBC for the Winter Classic, Mike Milbury showed just how rusty he was by slipping a 4 letter word into the broadcast

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