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ESPN anchors dance intros for the NFL season

King Ing September 5, 2013 0

Want to see awkward? Well here it is. Adam Schefter doing the Ray Lewis squirrel dance as the intro to Sportscenter

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Pam Oliver takes a football to the face

Pam Oliver takes a football to the face

King Ing August 19, 2013 0

Not exactly how you want the 2013 NFL season to go. Colts QB Chandler Harnish throws this errant pass that drills FOX sideline reporter Pam Oliver in the face

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Sideline reporter Amy Campbell gets trucked during an interview

King Ing July 8, 2013 0

FOX Sports Next/ reporter Amy Campbell gets run over as she conducts an interview with Chad Simmons at “The Opening.” Can you believe the wide receiver still got his feet in bounds for a

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Brian Williams raps the greatest Snoop Dogg song of all time

King Ing June 6, 2013 0

Jimmy Fallon again proving why he is the best late night talk show host in America

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John Clayton trains to throw the first pitch at Mariners game

King Ing May 25, 2013 0

If you don’t know, now you know. John Clayton is a beast in the gym. Can’t wait to see the video of his first pitch at the Seattle Mariners game. Hope he didn’t bounce

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Terry Francona attacks Don Orsillo

King Ing May 24, 2013 0

Jenny Dell caught a really cool moment between Cleveland Indians manager Terry Francona and Boston Red Sox play-by-play man Don Orsillo. As Orsillo was coming over to say hi, Tito grabbed his tie and

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Boston Bruins fans try their best to riot last night

King Ing May 14, 2013 0

Mike Felger and Tony Amonte tried to host a postgame show after the Boston Bruins epic game 7 comeback win last night. The key word being tried as the fans didn’t cooperate. Instead they

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Charles Barkley tackles Shaq

King Ing May 6, 2013 0

Guess Shaquille O’Neal likes to tackle people as they walk by a certain couch behind the scenes of “Inside the NBA.” Charles Barkley thought it was payback time, but unfortunately for Chuck the result

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Mike “Greeny” Greenberg runs one messy obstacle course after losing bet to Mike Golic

King Ing May 3, 2013 0

After Mike Greenberg lost his NCAA tournament bracket pool bet for the third consecutive year to Mike Golic, he had to run this ridiculous obstacle course called “The Mess” down in Orlando, Florida. Best

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Charles Barkley and Shaq do the Harlem Shake

King Ing March 1, 2013 1

While everyone is going crazy over the Miami Heat version of the Harlem Shake, give me the one Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kenny Smith do every time. It might not be as detailed

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