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The reason I think the Eagles lost the playoff game

King Ing January 11, 2011 3

Sure David Akers missed a couple of makeable field goals. Sure Mike Vick didn’t break the pocket and run for a hundred yards like he did earlier in the year against the Packers. But

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Look at all that delicious man meat

King Ing April 27, 2010 0

It is just Tom Brady and David Beckham hanging out together at the Rose Bowl on Saturday. Look at the hair on Tommy Terrific. Tremendous

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Mark Sanchez wants to go to The Hills

King Ing February 9, 2010 0

It seems like New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez had his eyes set on a MTV reality star. And no it wasn’t Snooki. Gatecrasher tells us: “Our snowbird spy says the quarterback had lots

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Mark Sanchez has his eyes on a defensive lineman

King Ing October 22, 2009 0

Mark Sanchez might have struggled on the field this past Sunday, but off it he is on top of his game. Page Six reports: “The Jets quarterback was seen swapping numbers with a blond

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Rafa Nadal’s hips don’t lie

King Ing September 15, 2009 1

Injury might not be the only reason Rafael Nadal lost in straight sets to Juan Martin Del Potro. I mean it probably was the US Open champs powerful serve and punishing forehand that did

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Who knew McLovin loved the Celtics?

King Ing May 5, 2009 12

Could last night have playe out any worse for the Boston Celtics? They just continued to settle for outside jump shots after outside jump shot. This is the NBA! Who cares if Dwight Howard

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Aaron Rodgers favorite play is the skinny post

King Ing April 6, 2009 3

Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers talks up a fugazy blonde at Body English in Las Vegas on Saturday night. Isn’t he suppose to be at offseason workouts

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Tim Tebow has new arm candy

King Ing March 31, 2009 8

The most loved man in Gators sports history has a new lady-friend. Don’t know her name, but the picture will do…for now. -  The Big Lead

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Alex Rodriguez loves himself some Alex Rodriguez

King Ing March 17, 2009 1

The new issue Details Magazine has New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez as their coverboy. And the spread done days after Sports Illustrated’s story on his reported use of a banned substance doesn’t do much

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Cristiano Ronaldo now dating a young college student

King Ing February 11, 2009 3

The life of Cristiano Ronaldo continues to be better than mine. The Sun reports that the Portuguese star is dating Olivia Saunders, a 18 year old student from Manchester University. “It is understood Ronaldo

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