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Shaq tries to tackle a floating graphic

King Ing May 3, 2013 0

Last night Shaq got sick of the floating Sprint graphic and decided to give us his best Ray Lewis impersonation. Unfortunately he doesn’t know how television technology works and tackles air. Dude, you need

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Shaq dancing like Andrew Bynum with a dude

King Ing May 2, 2013 0

Inside the NBA on TNT is becoming must watch TV. Every night of the playoffs you have either Charles Barkley or Shaquille O’Neal doing or saying something silly. Last night it was Shaq doing

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Andrew Bynum should be on the next season of Dancing with the Stars

King Ing May 1, 2013 0

ABC should sign Andrew Bynum up right now. He probably won’t be playing basketball next year. Just get paid $16 million and not play a single minute. Why couldn’t he play? After watching this

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Bryn Renner gets pranked by the rest of the North Carolina football team

King Ing April 25, 2013 0

During a practice last fall the North Carolina football team decided to play a prank on their QB Bryn Renner. Taking a cue from the “fainting goats” video the 21 players on the field

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Jason Dufner, Bubba Watson, and the Duck Dynasty crew just Dufnering around

King Ing April 24, 2013 0

Just in time for the Duck Dynasty season finale. Where in the world are Bubba Watson, Jason Dufner, and the guys from the highest rated cable television show in the country hanging out

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JR Smith with the greatest high school yearbook quote of all time

King Ing April 24, 2013 0

Terez Owens finds this high school yearbook photo of JR Smith and it has the greatest quote a yearbook has ever seen. 50 Cent must have been hot in those days. “Get chicks or

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Duke Track and Field give us their best Backstreet Boys impersonation

King Ing April 23, 2013 0

The Duke Track and Field team decided to recreate the Backstreet Boys  “I Want It That Way” video. And did they do a spectacular job or what. From the dance moves to the Nick

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Shaq picks up and holds Bubba Watson like a baby

King Ing April 16, 2013 0

I’m assuming these two must be shooting a commercial together, because what other reason would Shaquille O’Neal be dressed like that. Then again he doesn’t need a reason to wear silly costumes. Look how

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Nate Robinson just discount double checked all over Steve Novak’s face

King Ing April 11, 2013 0

When you get Nate Robinson going you can’t stop him. He hit a three and did the discount double check about 20 times. There is a little history here

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Peyton Manning plays a joke on Eric Decker

King Ing April 10, 2013 0

The Denver Broncos are holding workouts this week at Duke University. Not only is Peyton Manning building repoire with his new receiver Wes Welker, he also seems to have time to prank his old

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