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Tatum Bell “accidently” steals Rudi Johnson’s bags

King Ing September 3, 2008 0

Tatum Bell isn’t happy about the thought of losing his job to Rudi Johnson. So what does he do? According to ProFootballTalk he steals Rudi Johnson’s bags. “Johnson left his bags outside CEO Matt

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It is official – Chad Johnson now known as Ocho Cinco

King Ing August 29, 2008 0

Chad Johnson won’t let a torn labrum stop him from officially changing his name. “According to Miami radio station 790 The Ticket, which is in Johnson’s hometown, the receiver has legally changed his last

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Cuban Angel Matos attacks taekwondo judge at the Olympics

King Ing August 23, 2008 2

This definitely is not a show of good sportsmanship on the part of Angel Matos. What did he do you ask? He was given the loss in the bronze medal match. “Matos angrily questioned

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LaDainian Tomlinson and Kimbo Slice Nike workout commercial

King Ing August 18, 2008 0

Funny video from Yardbarker featuring LaDainian Tomlinson and Kimbo Slice working out. My favorite part is the guy grilling in the background while LT is benchpressing air conditioners. Also the AC’s on each side

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Chad Johnson wants his legal last name to be Ocho Cinco

King Ing August 13, 2008 0

Michael David Smith over at ProFootballTalk hears rumblings that Chad Johnson is on the verge of legally changing his last name to Ocho Cinco in the state of Florida. “If Johnson follows through on

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South Korean goalkeeper scores length of the field goal

King Ing July 30, 2008 0

Goalie Jung Sung-Ryeong of South Korea scored a goal against the Ivory Coast. It was from 100 yards out! I guess he just misplayed the bounce

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Rampage Jackson on a rampage

King Ing July 16, 2008 2

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Quentin “Rampage” Jackson was arrested after a series of collisions with his large pickup truck on the 55 Freeway. “Law enforcement sources tell us, Rampage was in a car

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Congratulations Corey Hart and here is a Beer Bath for your Daughter

King Ing July 11, 2008 0

It must be very exciting for Corey Hart to get voted into the All-Star game by the fans. What probably isn’t exciting to him is getting a beer bath from his teammates while holding

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Ashley-Paul Robinson + Facebook = Lost Job

King Ing July 8, 2008 2

Facebook prides itself for being an online directory that connects people through social networks. A great way for people to keep in touch with others that they probably wouldn’t keep in contact with. You

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Brook Lopez acts like a 5 year old

King Ing June 27, 2008 2

I didn’t think a 7-foot Stanford educated man could act like a kindergarten student, but Brook Lopez showed it is possible. While being mic’d by ESPN, Lopez had a plethora of great quotes that

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