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Marco Borriello wants to see David Beckham’s golden balls

King Ing December 16, 2008 4

One member of the AC Milan soccer club is very eager for the arrival of David Beckham. As The Sun reports; “Striker Marco Borriello, 26, said: “I must admit I have a dressing room

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Virginia Tech’s Cory Holt accidently punches Frank Beamer

King Ing December 8, 2008 0

I know that winning the ACC Championship is something to be proud of and warrants celebration. But make sure you don’t do something that could hurt your head coach. Guess Virginia Tech’s Cory Holt

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Rasheed Wallace is the comeback king

King Ing November 17, 2008 1

Ball Don’t Lie has video of the short, but very entertaining interaction between a Los Angeles Lakers fan and the Detroit Pistons’ Rasheed Wallace. Lakers fan: “Rasheed, you suck! Wallace: “Not like yo mamma!”

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Will video-game royalties curb ex-NFL players from desperate appearances and money-making schemes? Probably not.

California Correspondent November 11, 2008 0

A federal jury just ruled that the NFL Players Association must pay its retired players $28 million in royalties from licensing deals with video game companies, such as Electronic Arts, who used the players images

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Cristiano Ronaldo is really into himself

King Ing November 10, 2008 3

Nereida Gallardo talked with NewsoftheWorld about her ex Cristiano Ronaldo and we find out just how much the Manchester United star is into himself. “He likes his body to be smooth all over and

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Botafogo’s Andre Luis doesn’t respect your yellow card

King Ing November 6, 2008 0

DeuceofDavenport has the story of Botafogo’s Andre Luis not really loving the yellow card given to him during a weekend match in Brazil. In fact he showed the referee what he thought of it.

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Emmitt Smith loves himself some Young Jeezy and Kanye West

King Ing September 30, 2008 0

This is just too funny. BlackSportsOnline has video of Emmitt Smith unknowingly on the air mouthing the line, “Still owe me sex” from Young Jeezy’s “Put On.” You know that the Superbowl and Dancing

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Jonathon Papelbon pours champagne on himself

King Ing September 26, 2008 0

Boston Red Sox closer Jonathon Papelbon always gives pregame interviews to the Comcast sports guys. But after clinching a playoff spot he decided to give an impromptu one where he continualy poured champagne in

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George Brett craps his pants all the time

King Ing September 19, 2008 0

TheBigLead finds video of George Brett telling his teammates a story about dumping in his pants while walking through the Bellagio lobby. I couldn’t stop laughing. The detail of the story is tremendous

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What do you celebrate Josh Howard?

King Ing September 19, 2008 0

I know this video is a couple days old, but here it is. Josh Howard saying that he doesn’t “celebrate the national anthem because he is black”. I could probably write a long rant

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