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Rampage Jackson always makes for good TV

King Ing July 9, 2009 2

Cage Potato sent some innocent female reporter to interview Rampage Jackson, only to have her be dry humped by the UFC star. If this is the type of stuff I can look forward to

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Crisitano Ronaldo knows how to treat his fans

King Ing July 2, 2009 2

Fresh off his hook up with Paris Hilton, Cristiano Ronaldo returned back to Portugal to spend time with his family. As they were headed out something fairly intriguing happened as a young “fan” was

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The Red Sox settle a dispute the only way they know how

King Ing June 8, 2009 2

Jacoby Ellsbury left yesterdays game in the 6th inning with a strained shoulder. And instead of Terry Francona choosing what positions Rocco Baldelli and Mark Kotsay should play, he let them settle it the

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I don’t think Shaq bought his wife a plane

King Ing June 5, 2009 0

While everyone this morning is talking about this Shaquille O’Neal’s tweet, “This is what van gundy and dwight howards baby would look like;” I chose to focus on the plane people are saying was

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Cristiano Ronaldo likes what he sees

King Ing May 13, 2009 0

And by that I mean another guys pecker. This package belongs to Park Ji-Sung. Was it me or did Cristiano Ronaldo glance down at his junk after

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Maybe this is why Stephen Curry is going pro

King Ing May 7, 2009 3

So he doesn’t have to be asked to do things like this. WTF!!!! Davidson must have some great food, because I don’t remember the college cafeteria being that blazin of a place. Marriott Food

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Hulk Hogan totally gets OJ Simpson

King Ing April 15, 2009 5

In the recent issue of Rolling Stone, Hulk Hogan gets candid in his interview about the relationship between Linda Bollea and her young boyfriend Charlie Hill (former classmate of daughter Brooke). “I could have

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Alex Rodriguez is a dirty, dirty, dirty guy

King Ing March 31, 2009 2

So this is what Yankees third baseman does to rehab. While his teammates are working hard preparing for the start of the regular season, Alex Rodriguez parties it up in Aspen. Page Six reports:

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This is what Blake Griffin thinks of your Final Four

King Ing March 30, 2009 0

Total Pro Sports has a picture of Oklahoma Sooners’ Blake Griffin partying with a gaggle of girls (actually there was only three of them, but I wanted to use the word gaggle). And in

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Dwight Howard is a Single Lady

King Ing March 26, 2009 2

I now believe that Dwight Howard is ready to take the reign of “NBA showman” from Shaquille O’Neal. Whether it be his antics at the dunk contest or his prank of other All-Stars, he

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