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That is too much Greg Oden for me

King Ing January 26, 2010 2

Give me more pictures of Greg Oden in funny t-shirts. Do not give me more Greg Oden naked in front of a mirror. -NSFW, unless you work at Vivid Video. World Star Hip Hop

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It’s all fun and games until Robinho loses an eye

King Ing January 12, 2010 0

Manchester City’s Robinho looked pretty pleased with the size of his ball until his teammate Micah Richards snowball sneak attack

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Going to guess this wasn’t Tony Parker’s idea

King Ing December 29, 2009 2

On the bright side Tony Parker, you are married to Eva Longoria. The downside being she makes you and a couple of your teammates reenact “Summer Nights” from “Grease.” I have no idea how

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This was the highlight of my weekend

King Ing December 7, 2009 4

Other than my cousins wedding that is. TIM TEBOW CRYING!!! ROLL TIDE!

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Dwight Howard is practicing for his rematch with Lebron

King Ing December 1, 2009 2

As most of you probably know, Lebron James loves to practice his trick shots during pregame warmups. Sometimes he even finds the time to have a little friendly competition with the likes of Dwight

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Devin Hester has a great ass

King Ing November 23, 2009 0

America was treated to a full moon Sunday night. Devin Hester might want to think about wearing something underneath his uniform. Video after the jump….the commentary is awesome

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Carthwheel Goalie vs Thierry Henry Handball Goal

King Ing November 19, 2009 1

While everyone in the world is talking about the France v Ireland World Cup qualifying game; I would rather talk about the University of Hartford goalie that did cartwheels during a penalty shootout against

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Who makes a better Trey Songz?

King Ing November 10, 2009 2

Everyone has become enamored with the Oklahoma City Thunder this year. Myself included. Not only are they full of young talent, these guys play a run and gun type of basketball that is fun

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The Penguins celebrate Halloween a little early

King Ing October 28, 2009 0

It looks like the Pittsburgh Penguins are not that stressed about having a 1 point lead atop the Atlantic Division as they decided to wear masks during practice on Monday. Marc-Andre Fleury did his

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Alex Rodriguez shows us the ass grab is the new high five

King Ing October 20, 2009 2

Seriously, WTF! Alex Rodriguez got all up in Derek Jeter’s business last night. The occasional butt slap is all right, but it is totally unnecessary to cup and lift another man’s behind. Look at

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