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I finally found someone that can “Teach me how to Dougie”

King Ing July 19, 2010 1

And of course it is none other than Glen “Big Baby” Davis. Show them how it’s done son

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Gabriel Heinze shows Hollywood how to treat the paparazzi

King Ing June 28, 2010 0

Gabriel Heinze does not like his space invaded. Sean Penn approves

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Nate Robinson and Brian Scalabrine did a lot of dancing

King Ing June 7, 2010 0

What a game! You had Ray Allen killing the Lakers in the first half, and then Rajon Rondo finished them off Mortal Combat style. But the highlight of the night for me was watching

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Wayne Rooney practices his World Cup goal celebrations

King Ing June 2, 2010 1

It seems that Wayne Rooney formed a bond with comedian James Corden when training together this past year. I guess to the point where Wazza would bring in the funnyman to help with his

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Big Baby does his best LL Cool J imitation

King Ing May 25, 2010 0

Glen Davis must have seen a couple hot chicks in the front row. -H/T Jose

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Beer me John Terry

King Ing May 19, 2010 0

John Terry and the rest of his Chelsea mates celebrated their double championship with a parade around London. I guess such a thing can make a man thirsty as the captain excitedly caught a

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Will someone show Brian Scalabrine some love?

King Ing May 10, 2010 0

The best butt slapper in the NBA Brian Scalabrine was trying to do what he does best at halftime of Boston’s scintillating win over the Cleveland Cavaliers yesterday. And just look at the reaction

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Andrey Arshavin is the oldest member of the Junior Gunners

King Ing April 30, 2010 0

Look at Arsenal FC star Andrey Arshavin dress up as a boy scout to promote the teams Junior Gunners program. As you can see the man loves to dress up for a good cause

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Dunk gone wrong

King Ing April 26, 2010 0

This guy shows us how not to dunk over 4 girls. Teabag city!

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How do you expect to win a championship?

King Ing April 14, 2010 0

When Rasheed Wallace continues to do dumb things like tip the ball into his own basket. I know it was an accident, but how can one really have faith in a team when things

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