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Big Baby needs to find a hobby

King Ing August 11, 2010 0

The NBA season can’t start soon enough. I mean watch these two videos Glen Davis just made. The man is just coming up with anything to entertain himself. At first it was the Dougie.

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Shaquille O’Neal serenades Justin Bieber

King Ing July 27, 2010 0

What is going on? Are Shaq and JB best buddies now? Since he hasn’t signed on with a new team yet, I am only guessing O’Neal is seeking to revive his musical career with

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Rob and Big 2.0: Justin Bieber and Shaq

King Ing July 26, 2010 0

It’s like my personal wet dream when you combine my favorite pop superstar Justin Bieber with Shaquille O’Neal for the new season of “Shaq Vs.” The Big Cactus sitting is as tall as the

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Now everyone on the Boston Celtics is trying to “Teach me how to Dougie”

King Ing July 21, 2010 0

Glen Davis was first, and now we have Nate Robinson plus his crew trying to “Teach us how to Dougie.” I think enough is enough. Until they can get Brian Scalabrine dancing, I have

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Forget baseball, the Phillies are masters of blackjack

King Ing July 20, 2010 0

I am not saying this is the reason why the Philadelphia Phillies are going to lose me my over 93 win bet this season, but I do need to justify why a team this

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I finally found someone that can “Teach me how to Dougie”

King Ing July 19, 2010 1

And of course it is none other than Glen “Big Baby” Davis. Show them how it’s done son

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Gabriel Heinze shows Hollywood how to treat the paparazzi

King Ing June 28, 2010 0

Gabriel Heinze does not like his space invaded. Sean Penn approves

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Nate Robinson and Brian Scalabrine did a lot of dancing

King Ing June 7, 2010 0

What a game! You had Ray Allen killing the Lakers in the first half, and then Rajon Rondo finished them off Mortal Combat style. But the highlight of the night for me was watching

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Wayne Rooney practices his World Cup goal celebrations

King Ing June 2, 2010 1

It seems that Wayne Rooney formed a bond with comedian James Corden when training together this past year. I guess to the point where Wazza would bring in the funnyman to help with his

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Big Baby does his best LL Cool J imitation

King Ing May 25, 2010 0

Glen Davis must have seen a couple hot chicks in the front row. -H/T Jose

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