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The Soccer Boys are in the building

King Ing March 28, 2012 0

Pepsi got their own version of a boy band together for the new “Kick in the Mix” campaign. Didier Drogba, Frank Lampard, Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero, Jack Wilshere and Fernando Torres take time out

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Shaq Fu vs Tiger Woo-ds

King Ing March 14, 2012 0

EA Sports released this ad for their new Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 game. It features a duel between “Crimson Cat” and Shaquille “Swinging Giant” O’Neal. You have to love how horribly the stunt

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Kate Upton makes me hungry for a cheeseburger

King Ing February 27, 2012 0

Audrina Patridge, Padma Lakshmi, and Kim Kardasian have nothing on Kate Upton’s Carl’s Jr commercial

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Everyone is taking shots at Paula Deen

King Ing January 27, 2012 0

Paula Deen is the queen of showing Americans how to cook foods with such high salt and fat content. Unfortunately last week she told the public about her 3 year battle with Type 2

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Mike Tyson Island is the last place I want to be

King Ing January 25, 2012 0

Instead let me live on Megan Fox Island for a little bit. The LOST Island, with the Smoke Monster was less creepy than Mike Tyson’s place. How much did this Brazilian language school have

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The NBA will Live Forever

King Ing December 27, 2011 0

TNT just killed it with this short video before the start of the 2011-2012 NBA regular season. What’s not to like. You get Derrick Rose fist bumping with Jordan. Paul Pierce guarding Jerry West.

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Kevin Love and Blake Griffin take Jenga to the next level

King Ing November 16, 2011 0

Maybe you caught the first time Blake Griffin and Kevin Love played Jenga at the ESPY’s. It was a debacle. Luckily the HASBRO people caught wind and recruited them for their new commercial. This

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Basketball Never Stops for LeBron James

King Ing November 2, 2011 0

Except in the fourth quarter! I am a comic genius

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Love the Game

King Ing October 26, 2011 0

Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony keep their game tight, keep their game right by playing a bunch of randoms around the world for the new NIKE ad. Have to love the way

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This is my QB! Tom Brady’s new UGG’s commercial

King Ing September 8, 2011 0

UGG’s will be debuting this ad staring Tom Brady on Monday Night Football. Hopefully the Patriots will be up 77-0 so I won’t have to subject myself to watching this thing. Although the song

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