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Seattle Seahawks and Miami Dolphins Buffalo Wild Wings ad

King Ing November 26, 2012 0

If you’re an NFL fan, you probably saw theĀ  sprinklers go off in the middle of the Seattle Seahawks and Miami Dolphins game yesterday. Now Gordon Mack took that video and mashed it up

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The San Antonio Spurs star in a funny commercial

King Ing November 16, 2012 0

This ad for H-E-B grocery stores is great. Who knew the trio of Tony Parker, Manu Ginobli, and Tim Duncan could be so funny. The point guard denying entry to the future Hall of

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The MSG Network hung up some controversial Knicks ads

King Ing November 8, 2012 0

Not sure about you guys, but I would rather pick up a six or seven then watch Jason Kidd pass the ball to Carmelo Anthony and Raymond Felton. Clever ad. Someone will complain about

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Will Ferrell stars in an Old Milwaukee dubstep commercial

King Ing October 24, 2012 0

Why does Old Milwaukee choose to never release these type of ads here in the United States. This one featuring Will Ferrell remixed with dubstep makes me want to Unleash the Beast. Is Sweden

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Just when you think John Clayton couldn’t be any cooler

King Ing September 6, 2012 0

John Clayton just proving he is a billion times better than Adam Schefter. I love this guy! -H/T The Big Lead

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Play invisible football with Tom Brady

King Ing September 5, 2012 0

Who are you kidding with this? We all know Tom Brady doesn’t fly commercial. Let alone play fake football with random scrubs. Nice try UGG’s

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Andres Iniesta is a puppet master

King Ing August 23, 2012 0

Nike Football puts out this very creative video of Andres Iniesta as a puppet master on the pitch for their new CTR360 Maestri III boot. The new shoe is designed to deliver enhanced control,

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Foot Locker brings the funny

King Ing August 16, 2012 1

Who knew Russell Westbrook and James Harden were so funny. Check them out in these two new Foot Locker ads

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The 2012 ESPN Monday Night Football commercial

King Ing August 15, 2012 0

Anyone that watches this and isn’t pumped for the upcoming NFL season needs to check their fandom. You’ve got Rob Gronkowski eating chicken wings upside down and Arian Foster reading the cliff note version

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China and the USA…sounds about right

King Ing August 7, 2012 0

The Bobcats win the NBA Championship in 2030! Well at least according to this Jordan Nike ad

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