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Adidas – Star Wars Cantina

King Ing June 7, 2010 0

With Nike and Puma releasing their World Cup videos it was only a matter of time before Adidas released theirs. Instead of focusing on the game itself, they spent a crapload of money to

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Kobe Bryant: All Together Now

King Ing June 4, 2010 0

Here is Nike’s new commercial featuring Andre 3000 covering the Beatles’ “All Together Now” during a Kobe Bryant highlight reel. Don’t worry, if you hate the Black Mamba as much as I do you

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Puma’s “Journey of Football” World Cup video

King Ing June 1, 2010 1

Puma comes out with their own online video in preparation of the World Cup and it is beautiful. They focus on the game as played in Africa with appearances from the likes of Samuel

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Nike Write the Future Video

King Ing May 20, 2010 0

I was already pretty excited for the 2010 World Cup, but this Nike “Write the Future” ad might have just pushed me to a another level. The use of Ronaldinho was unfortunate as the

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David Wright and The Situation star in a Vitamin Water ad

King Ing April 8, 2010 0

So now we know how David Wright got so big this offseason. He trained with Mike “The Situation.&#

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Can someone explain the new Tiger Woods Nike ad to me?

King Ing April 8, 2010 0

I don’t get it? Nike is using Earl Woods voice, who passed away in 2006 in their new commercial for Tiger. It actually sounds kind of creepy and in poor taste. Wasn’t his dad

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The Secret Behind Nike Air

King Ing April 2, 2010 0

The newest Nike viral video brings us Troy Polamalu, Maria Sharapova, Carl Lewis, Brandon Roy, Sanya Richards, Paula Radcliffe, and Paul Rodriguez getting together to show the public how the actual “AIR” gets into

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The Superbowl Ad Google Should Have Run

California Correspondent February 8, 2010 0

Sure, Google’s 3rd quarter Parisian Love ad was charming and cute last night, but this is what the search company should have run in their $2.5m slot

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Was Dwyane Wade not avaliable for this?

King Ing February 2, 2010 0

Whenever I think shooting competition the first name that always comes to my mind is Dwight Howard. Don’t get me wrong, he is as personable as any NBA star; but wouldn’t you rather team

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Beckham & Steven Gerrard invoke their inner Bird & Jordan

King Ing November 17, 2009 2

Adidas released a new commercial featuring Zinedine Zidane watching on as David Beckham and Steven Gerrard call out their shots. Accuracy is always key. This ad brings back memories of those awesome Larry Bird

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