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He’s Really Freakin’ Old

Justin March 11, 2010 3

Chris Chelios has been activated by the Atlanta Thrashers. Yes, that Chris Chelios. The one who played his first NHL game for the Canadiens in 1984. At 48, Chelios becomes the second oldest player

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The NFL’s Old Home Week

Justin October 28, 2009 0

Contrary to popular belief, Brett Favre isn’t the only person in NFL history who has ever returned to his former home stadium while playing for a new team. It just seems that way. Are

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Sour Grapes?!?!

King Ing June 18, 2008 0

I think someone is upset he has to watch fat and extra fat play together for another couple years. Or maybe it could be that the Yankees and Rangers continue to spend big money,

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Remember This?

Justin June 18, 2008 1

Hey Boston, You still suck

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