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Hub Fan Bids Adieu

Justin October 13, 2011 0

By now, I hope you’ve read the Boston Globe’s postmortem on the Red Sox season. The reaction has been almost universal revulsion, with the vast majority of readers and commentators, from Keith Olbermann to the dreaded

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Gianluigi Buffon? Transfer? Get Outta Here!!!

Gianluca November 24, 2008 0

My friend asked me how I feel about Manchester City’s tempting 75 million Euros for the world’s best goalkeeper Gigi Buffon. Yes you read that right. 75 Million Euros, which is more than $100

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Yankees? In Joba I Trust

Lil Ing3 June 2, 2008 2

I am a diehard Yankee fan, remembering watching the 1996 team and getting goosebumps as I could feel the stadium shake through my TV. I lived vicariously through Scott Brosius–cuz on the field I

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Pittsburgh Penguins-Philadelphia Flyers Preview Part 2

Toph May 9, 2008 2

The Flyers fan perspective: Yes, we know about the Flyers-Penguins clash in the Eastern Conference Finals starting this Friday in Pittsburgh. Yes, we also know that many people are referring to the series as

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Pittsburgh Penguins-Philadelphia Flyers Preview Part 1

Black and Gold May 9, 2008 6

The Penguins fan perspective: Somewhere on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, aside the east bound lane of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, after the Irwin exit I believe, is a normal-looking, PennDOT approved, highway sign with that

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