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A Running List

May 13, 2008, No Comments

I don’t care about Spygate. I even hate that it’s called Spygate. Watergate was a watershed moment in American history, changing the role of the media and the perception of the President for the rest of time. Spygate is an idiot with a camcorder taping stuff for another idiot. Did the Pats cheat? It »

If Anyone Has A Cellphone Pic of Buzz Bissinger Pooping In The Woods, Please Send It Along

April 30, 2008, No Comments

Buzz Bissinger once wrote a good book a long time ago. (I never actually read it. Is it good?) Now he’s scared of the series of tubes that is the internet and the dreaded “sportsblogs”. Why? Because he thinks they’re mean. That’s why he went on TV with Bob Costas and cursed repeatedly at »