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Kate Upton takes us into the weekend

August 5, 2011, No Comments

Kate Upton shows us why she is the hottest chick in the game in this Complex Magazine photoshoot »

Kate Upton slow motion runway walk

July 18, 2011, No Comments

Kate Upton doing what she does best »

Kate Upton takes us into the July 4th holiday weekend

July 1, 2011, No Comments

Who else other than superstar Kate Upton would you rather have take you into the long weekend »

Hilary Duff and Kate Upton = Melons and cows

May 26, 2011, No Comments

Somehow SOBE got the genius idea to get Hilary Duff and Kate Upton together for an event. The marketing department deserves a raise »

Kate Upton is the queen of SOBE

May 24, 2011, No Comments

If you haven’t heard, Kate Upton and Hilary Duff will be in Madison Square Park on May 25th for a SOBE promotional appearance.  And to get everyone ready for it, the SI Swimsuit model decided to tweet out this picture to get you in the mood »

Kate Upton just continues taunting us

April 11, 2011, No Comments

Kate Upton with her own entry for guess the chest »

Kate Upton can teach me how to dance anytime

April 6, 2011, No Comments

I am late to the party with this one, but I love Kate Upton so much I don’t really care. Plus I am just throwing the blame on malware. Check out the lovely model doing the Dougie at the Clippers/Thunder game over the weekend »

Kate Upton plays guess the chest

February 17, 2011, 1 Comment

Judging by my Twitter feed, I have found out that the hottest rookie in the SI Swimsuit issue has been Kate Upton. Not only is she gorgeous, but she seems to have a great personality too. I mean when you play “Guess the breasts” that usually equates to awesome human being »

Why have I never heard of Hailey Clauson before today?

Why have I never heard of Hailey Clauson before today?

May 21, 2014, No Comments

Move over Kate Upton, there is a new blonde in town and her name is Hailey Clauson. Agent Provocateur made a great choice in getting her to represent their line »

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models do the Harlem Shake

February 15, 2013, No Comments

Let’s close out the Sports Illustrated swimsuit week with the lovely girls doing the Harlem Shake in Las Vegas. Pretty tame. No Kate Upton. But you know my girl Chrissy Teigen would bring it »