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Baron Davis and Steve Nash Step Brothers trailer

July 30, 2008, No Comments

A week ago there was a picture of Steve Nash and Baron Davis riding a tandem bicycle around. Now we know they were doing it for the website The trailer is out and it is hilarious. Plus it’s also a chance to see Steve Nash tootsie roll! »

Picture Posts, Baseball Engrossed and Late Night Hosts

Picture Posts, Baseball Engrossed and Late Night Hosts

March 30, 2015, No Comments

We’ve reached the point in the wedding planning process where we’re trying to pick out the invitations. That means we’re ordering samples online and having them sent to us. A sample came last week, along with a catalog from the company. In addition to other styles of invitation, this catalog also included a ton »

NBA Jingle Hoops

NBA Jingle Hoops

November 14, 2013, No Comments

The NBA is making a strong push to sell these Christmas jerseys the teams will be wearing on December 25th. They just released this new ad featuring Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, James Harden and Steve Nash shooting jumpers to the tune of “Jingle Bells.” This might be cool, but definitely not cool »

Jeremy Lin: You’ve changed bro!!

Jeremy Lin: You’ve changed bro!!

August 16, 2013, No Comments

Here we have Jeremy Lin mocking his rise to stardom with the help of his buddies Steve Nash and James Harden »

Joakim Noah celebrates scoring a goal like he won an NBA Championship

July 11, 2013, No Comments

The Steve Nash charity soccer game in New York City has turned into a real event. I remember being there when people would hang out windows to catch a glimpse of the game. Now it looks like they have bleachers and the game televised. How things change. Now onto the real point of this. »

Final Pics, PR Fix and Tournament Mix

March 19, 2013, No Comments

A few weeks ago, a young man was killed by a hit and run driver as he walked across the West Side Highway in Manhattan early on a Saturday morning. In covering the story, reporters spoke to the young man’s mother, who asked that her son be remembered as the bright and hopeful Ivy »

More Anti Social Behavior, More Wasted Journalism and More SI Than Usual

November 7, 2011, 1 Comment

I don’t like your friends. That’s not true. I like most of them, individually. I just don’t like them as a group. There are few things in life that I enjoy less than being forced to intersect a circle of friends that I’m not part of. Invariably, one of two things happens. Either I end »

How did I miss this???

September 9, 2011, No Comments

I know it’s old, but I am somehow just seeing this. We have Justin Bieber crossing over Steve Nash to the delight of Selena Gomez. Can you really fault Nash here? His teammate yells “pick left” which means when an NBA player tries to jump over the top of the screen you are suppose »

A Sub, Some Clubs and The Hub

June 27, 2011, No Comments

As regular* readers know, I was out of town this past week. On that note, congratulations to Beltway Buddy, who guessed, “the train ride home on Day 5,”  as the answer to our recent “riddle.” He was closest to the correct answer without going over. According to both the Bible and “The Price is »

Nicki Minaj just lap dancing her way thru the NBA

April 20, 2011, No Comments

Thanks to BSO, we see video of Steve Nash getting a lap dance from what I am guessing is the NBA players favorite female rapper, Nicki Minaj. Seeing as she loves her point guards and the next show is Friday at the Staples Center, maybe Derek Fisher or Mo Williams can get some loving. »