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Jets Fan Sues The Fraudulent Patriots

tommy neumann April 15, 2010 10

Today, the Jets and Patriots intense rivalry is moving from the football field to a courtroom. Carl J. Mayer, Jets season-ticket holder, and, most important, a lawyer, has filed a lawsuit accusing the Patriots

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Knicks Almost Done Sucking

tommy neumann April 7, 2010 2

The days of being a loser as a Knick fan are coming to an end. At least thats according to Donnie Walsh, the team’s president, who said on Tuesday that he thinks the Knicks

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Tiger Receives Higher Approval Rating Than Congress

tommy neumann March 27, 2010 0

Its been a hell of a few months for Tiger Woods, but he is still a lot more popular than congress

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Has anyone heard from Darryl Strawberry lately?

tommy neumann March 25, 2010 2

Dwight Gooden, who could have been one of the greatest pitchers in the history of baseball, is in trouble with the law after relapsing this morning in the woods somewhere in New Jersey. Last

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Curt Schilling Turns on Fellow Minutemen Over Taxes

tommy neumann March 25, 2010 4

Curt Schilling, who doesn’t hide the fact that he is a conservative republican, has apparently found a government handout he can get behind

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Is your teams first round pick a pothead?

tommy neumann March 24, 2010 0

While there is a plethora of talent in this years NFL draft, teams are also likely to draft a huge number of stoners. NFL personnel evaluators recently told that they are concerned about the number of players

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Russia losing it over Vancouver

tommy neumann March 3, 2010 1

All the athletes in Russia that competed at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver and those responsible for training them, better watch their back. The Russians are so upset over their dismal performance, President Dmitri

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McGwire’s Brother Throws Him Under The Bus

tommy neumann March 2, 2010 0

Jay McGwire, the jealous and terribly insecure younger brother of the home run champ, continues to go on television to sell his tell-all book “Mark and Me: Mark McGwire and the Truth Behind Baseball’s

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Canadian Healthcare Nearly Kills Brock Lesnar

tommy neumann January 21, 2010 0

UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar is using the illness that nearly killed him to attack President Obama’s attempt at health care reform

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Starbury to Play for Chow Mein and Chickens Feet

tommy neumann January 20, 2010 0

Stephon Marbury, the once self-described “best point guard in the NBA”, has decided to leave the country and lace up his $15 dollar sneakers for a pro basketball team in China. Shanxi announced it was bringing

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