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Kanye blows up Sports Crackle Pop!

California Correspondent September 17, 2009 0

If you watched the VMAs on Sunday (or if you read the news at least once this week) you probably heard about Kanye West blowing up Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech. Now Kanye is making

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Is the Yankees website editor Gene Siskel?

California Correspondent September 16, 2009 0

The web editor for sure has great taste in movies. Check out his headline below. And here’s the intro to the greatest movie ever

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Jorge Posada Lumps Jesse Carlson

California Correspondent September 16, 2009 4

This lump on Jesse Carlson’s head will make pitchers think twice before throwing at Jorge Posada. Don’t F with the Jorge! [ MLB

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Makin’ Us Proud: San Francisco Homeless Win National Championship

California Correspondent August 3, 2009 0

Initially I was shocked to find that there is actually such a thing as a Homeless Person Soccer Tournament, but then when I heard that San Francisco won the title today, it all started

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Got mixed feelings about Vick’s return?

California Correspondent July 30, 2009 0

Just send your friends this ecard to explain how you feel

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Saturday’s Soundtrack: Bicycle Race and Fat-Bottomed Girls

California Correspondent July 3, 2009 1

The two biggest sporting events we’re looking forward to tomorrow are the first stage of the Tour de France and the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest (unless you consider a William’s sisters Wimbledon

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Wang’s career as starter rests on shoulders of mini-Wang

California Correspondent June 13, 2009 2

With a miserable 0-4 record and 14.34 ERA this season, Yankees pitcher Chien-Ming Wang is getting one last chance to prove himself as a starter. Girardi is planning to pitch Wang on Wednesday, right

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Live Blog: Yankees vs Red Sox at Fenway

California Correspondent June 9, 2009 0

The SCP crew is going to be live blogging the Yanks vs. Red Sox game tonight. The Yanks arrive in Boston 1 game ahead of the Sox in the AL East. Boston has won

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NBC gets Federer and Nadal to re-play Wimbledon today

California Correspondent June 7, 2009 0

Roger Federer winning his first French Open today was so exciting that NBC somehow got him and Nadal to replay last year’s Wimbledon final live on TV today. Or at least that’s what NBC

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Price vs. Price: Score One for the Meteorologist

California Correspondent June 5, 2009 0

Meteorologist Dave Price gets the best of David Price and the Rays today. The game is rained out in the Bronx and those bastards at Stubhub aren’t refunding my tickets. With my luck the

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