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What’s in a name?

California Correspondent May 28, 2008 1

If you’re anything like me, you sit at work all day cursing at the players on your fantasy baseball team for not playing well enough. Since there’s nothing more insulting than when someone calls

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Time for some bocce!

California Correspondent May 23, 2008 0

It’s Friday afternoon and we’re going to call it a day. King Ing and Justin are heading up to Montreal for a weekend of debauchery (yes, a bachelor party) – and I’m heading to

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Bocce, Babes and Booze

California Correspondent May 22, 2008 0

With Memorial Day approaching, what a better way to commemorate the holiday than getting your friends together to drink and play bocce. As demonstrated by these fine bocce professionals, it’s easy to play with

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A hurting in the Bronx

California Correspondent May 21, 2008 0

Moose, the Yankees’ veteran, took a beating at Yankee Stadium last night, departing with a 7-0 defecit 2/3rds of the way into the 1st as Baltimore batted through the order. As the last place

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Mike Piazza is outed

California Correspondent May 20, 2008 1

No, he’s not out of the closet, but who can resist gay jokes when talking about Piazza. Since this post is also pretty gay, I’ll link you to the gay sports blog to read

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What I learned from Carlos Delgado's robbed HR

California Correspondent May 18, 2008 1

Carlos Delgado hit a 3R HR in the 4th inning of ESPN Sunday night baseball, Mets @ Yankees. This home run would have put the Mets up 6-0, but the umps mistakenly called it

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Preakness over and my wallet $200 lighter

California Correspondent May 18, 2008 0

Good thing I took King Ing’s predictions because that $200 was burning a hole in my wallet. I spent the afternoon watching Angels vs Dodgers interleage play, but took a 2 minute break to

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Barry Zitowned

California Correspondent May 18, 2008 1

The SF Giants and their $126 million star pitcher, Barry Zito, lost tonight to the Chicago White Sox — Zito now becoming the first pitcher in 20 years to lose his first 8 starts.

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Pink spandex will get you laid

California Correspondent May 15, 2008 4

Ok, maybe it won’t if you aren’t extremely fit and able to pedal a bike really fast. Here is Italian, Giovanni Visconti, winning stage 6 of the Giro d’Italia, and getting smothered by really

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Clayton Kershown3d

California Correspondent May 14, 2008 2

Clayton Kershaw, Joe Torre’s West Coast Joba Chamberain, just pitched his way out of a Dodgers debut this Saturday, according to Torre. Kershaw pitched for double-A Jacksonville on Monday, which would have made him

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