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Preakness over and my wallet $200 lighter

California Correspondent May 18, 2008 0

Good thing I took King Ing’s predictions because that $200 was burning a hole in my wallet. I spent the afternoon watching Angels vs Dodgers interleage play, but took a 2 minute break to

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Barry Zitowned

California Correspondent May 18, 2008 1

The SF Giants and their $126 million star pitcher, Barry Zito, lost tonight to the Chicago White Sox — Zito now becoming the first pitcher in 20 years to lose his first 8 starts.

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Pink spandex will get you laid

California Correspondent May 15, 2008 4

Ok, maybe it won’t if you aren’t extremely fit and able to pedal a bike really fast. Here is Italian, Giovanni Visconti, winning stage 6 of the Giro d’Italia, and getting smothered by really

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Clayton Kershown3d

California Correspondent May 14, 2008 2

Clayton Kershaw, Joe Torre’s West Coast Joba Chamberain, just pitched his way out of a Dodgers debut this Saturday, according to Torre. Kershaw pitched for double-A Jacksonville on Monday, which would have made him

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Joba is a gossiping girl

California Correspondent May 13, 2008 1

Joba, the fist-pumping maniac enthusiastic yankee’s pitcher, is set to make his prime-time debut on our favorite sitcom, Gossip Girl. Well, it’s not a true acting debut, but he does get a shout-out when

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Pretty in pink

California Correspondent May 12, 2008 2

MLB was decked in pink today to support breast cancer awareness on Mother’s Day. Players continued the tradition of using pink bats and wearing pink armbands and pins. Here’s a photo of Manny Ramirez

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Five losses in a row for the Giants and Padres

California Correspondent May 10, 2008 2

If you live outside of California, you may know that the Giants and Padres are duking it out for last place in the NL West, but what you probably don’t know is that both

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Happy Mother’s Day

California Correspondent May 9, 2008 0

Here are just a few of the highlights from this week: A witness of the Yankees/Red Sox fight, left us a comment about the incident. King Ing claimed The Penguins/Flyers conference finals should be

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Mom’s I’d like to thank on Mother’s Day

California Correspondent May 9, 2008 1

Mother’s day, the annual holiday where you show your appreciation to your mom, is quickly approaching (so don’t forget to send a gift). While my mom is fantastic (and I’m sure yours is too),

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Lots of Losers

California Correspondent May 8, 2008 2

We watched Wednesday night TV while you went out drinking. Here’s a recap of who lost big: Chien Ming Wang took the mound and took an L for the Yankees last night, as Cleveland

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