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A Running List

Justin May 13, 2008 0

I don’t care about Spygate. I even hate that it’s called Spygate. Watergate was a watershed moment in American history, changing the role of the media and the perception of the President for the

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A Running List

Justin May 9, 2008 2

Joba Chamberlain should be everything that’s right about sports. He’s a real deal rookie phenom with an American dream story. When his dad was sick earlier this year, Yankee fans cared. A lot. But

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A Western Conference Preview

Justin May 8, 2008 1

So, let’s get this out of the way before I start. I haven’t watched a second of either the Red Wings or the Stars this season. In fact, I had to look up who

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Eight Belles Was A Horse. This Is What Horses Do. They Die.

Justin May 5, 2008 4

As always, Vince Vaughn serves as the voice of reason. In Old School, Vaughn’s character tried to comfort Luke Wilson over the death of Blue, by explaining that Blue was old, and old people

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You Take The Good, You Take The Bad; Sportscenter and The Facts Of Life

Justin May 5, 2008 0

You know how every Sunday, Sportscenter has those long form reports by Tom Rinaldi? They’re usually tales of triumph over tragedy, and often times, you “have something in your eye” when they end.� Well,

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Dr. Strangefan Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Flyers

Justin May 3, 2008 0

It’s hard sometimes when the world of sports intrudes in your every day existence. Such is the case this year, when the NHL Playoffs have a very real possibility of leading to me being

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For Giants Fans, The Party Never Stops

Justin May 2, 2008 0

Staten Island Congressman Vito Fossella was arrested this week in Virginia. The Republican is accused of driving drunk. Court papers say his blood alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit. He says he’s

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If Anyone Has A Cellphone Pic of Buzz Bissinger Pooping In The Woods, Please Send It Along

Justin April 30, 2008 0

Buzz Bissinger once wrote a good book a long time ago. (I never actually read it. Is it good?) Now he’s scared of the series of tubes that is the internet and the dreaded

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Karl Malone Has Great Genes. And They Would Look Great Under Your Bunkbed

Justin April 30, 2008 1

The Mailman has now delivered two professional athletes. His daughter, Cheryl Ford, is a star in the WNBA. Now, his son has been drafted by the Buffalo Bills. But Demetrius Bell doesn’t want anything

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I Bet Josh Howard Would Just Say No To The Knicks

Justin April 29, 2008 0

If the Mavs lose in the first round again this year, there has been talk that Mark Cuban would blow the team up. If that includes trading Josh Howard, the Knicks should stay as

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