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T.O.’s Good People

Justin July 21, 2008 1

Who doesn’t enjoy making fun of Terrell Owens? He’s an egomaniac, he’s a terrible teammate, he’s a certifiable nutcase. He’s also, apparently, a genuinely good guy

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The Week of The Also Ran

Justin July 20, 2008 0

Vince Lombardi can suck it

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The Ultimate Pitchman

Justin July 18, 2008 0

One time in college, my roommate and I were at the grocery store.  We walked down the peanut butter aisle and something caught my eye. 

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Nomo: No Less Than A Pioneer

Justin July 18, 2008 2

Hideo Nomo quietly retired yesterday after a 12 year career spent pitching for 7 teams.  His career record was 123-109. His impact was much greater

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Bound For Glory

Justin July 16, 2008 2

While I was watching  the pre-game ceremonies at Yankee Stadium last night, I was struck by a question.  Who uses more Jheri curl, Lou Brock or Don Sutton?  The answer, of course, is Don

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Oh Yeah, This Is Why We Love Sports

Justin July 16, 2008 3

It was five hours of sheer sports perfection. It was a perfect mix of history, celebration and drama.  It was enough to rejuvenate the fan in all of us. It was the 2008 Major

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I’ll Say It Again. Just Go Away!

Justin July 15, 2008 0

Let’s say you have a job.  You quit the job. The job brings someone in to replace you.  Then, you decide you want the job back.  “Sorry dude,” the job says,”We appreciate your contributions,

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Head Tats and OJ Bombs

Justin July 15, 2008 0

The Vegas Summer League is only a few days old, but we’ve already seen plenty of action. First and foremost, we need to address Stephon Marbury’s head. He got a new tattoo on his

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I’m A Believer

Justin July 15, 2008 1

I’m a skeptic by nature, never impressed by the next big thing.  It takes a lot to change my mind.  In fact, it’s only really happened twice in the last few years. The first

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The Crackle Recommends

Justin July 14, 2008 0

The first installation of this ongoing series was such a sweeping success, I’m back with more! As always, keep in mind the fact that I ripped this off from McSweeneys, and they deserve credit

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