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Steve Nash Parodies “Titanic”

August 3, 2012, No Comments

Just stop Steve Nash. Please, just stop making these »

Steve Nash Parodies “The Shawshank Redemption”

July 27, 2012, No Comments

This guy seriously won’t stop with these. Steve Nash now tries his luck with “The Shawshank Redemption.” It stunk. If you aren’t using the “get busy living or get busy dying” line it is a total fail »

Steve Nash Parodies “The Godfather”

July 20, 2012, No Comments

Can Steve Nash please stop making these videos? They are horrifically bad »

Steve Nash is “The Bourne Laker”

July 12, 2012, No Comments

The newest Los Angeles Lakers PG is taking this Hollywood thing a little too far. First he gives us a little “Dark Knight” action and now we get him in a parody as Jason Bourne. What’s next »

Steve Nash’s new workout called Batsanity

July 5, 2012, 1 Comment

Move over Shaun T. Steve Nash is here with his new workout video. Dressed as Batman, the newest member of the Los Angeles Lakers teaches you how to go from chump to champ. And out of curiosity, why does Nash have that enlarged size photo of his head in his house »

Steve Nash is no match for Hope Solo

September 21, 2011, No Comments

EA Sports got Hope Solo and Steve Nash together to play a friendly game of FIFA 12 (release date Spetember 27). Unfortunately the two went with a couple of MLS squads. And from previous experience playing the game, when you use mid level teams the run of play just isn’t that good. Then again »

Steve Nash makes a cameo in a version of the Hangover

April 19, 2011, No Comments

Vitamin Water comes up with a new ad titled, “joe college, you’re up.” The premise is similar to “The Hangover,” without the tiger. Not sure why no other energy drink companies have thought of using this concept. While spokesperson Steve Nash plays the part of Mike Tyson in the video, my favorite part is »

Poker player breaks Steve Nash’s free throw record

April 1, 2010, No Comments

A couple years ago Steve Nash made an ibeatyou video where he had one minute to try to make as many free throws as he could. The Suns point guard finished with a strong 21. Now almost two years later poker player Prahlad Friedman gives that number a shot and as you can see »

Steve Nash is The New Billy Mays (w/o the Coke Problem)

September 18, 2009, No Comments

This is funny as hell, but it doesn’t change the fact that Vitamin Water just tastes like watered down HI- »

Josh Smith posterizes poor Steve Nash

January 26, 2009, No Comments

Josh Smith demolished Steve Nash with this one handed tomahawk dunk. Poor guy didn’t know what was coming. At least Phoenix won the game to get closer to that 8th seed in the West. I wish J Smooth would enter the slam dunk competition again. In fact how good would a Dwight Howard and »