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The Crackle Recommends

January 6, 2010, No Comments

It’s been an awfully long time since we’ve done one of these (more than a year in fact). As always, we credit the folks over at McSweeney’s for inventing the concept, and doing a much better job of it »

The Crackle Recommends

December 4, 2008, No Comments

It’s been awhile since we’ve done this, but we’re back with more things that will make your life better »

The Crackle Recommends

October 6, 2008, No Comments

Here we go with another installation in the wildly popular series where I tell you things that I like, and then you read those things. It’s a system that has worked wonderfully up to now, and I trust will continue working. I stole the idea from Mcsweeney’s. They do a better job »

The Crackle Recommends

August 30, 2008, No Comments

Here are some more things I like. Check them out. We’ve done it before. It’s an idea stolen with love from McSweeney’s »

The Crackle Recommends

August 21, 2008, No Comments

Back with more things that will hopefully bring a little light to your otherwise sad existence.  We’ve done this before, after stealing the idea from Mcsweeney’s »

The Crackle Recommends

July 23, 2008, 2 Comments

I’m back with more things that I think you’ll like.  Don’t forget, this idea originated on McSweeneys, and they do a significantly better job than I do »

The Crackle Recommends

July 14, 2008, No Comments

The first installation of this ongoing series was such a sweeping success, I’m back with more! As always, keep in mind the fact that I ripped this off from McSweeneys, and they deserve credit for that »

The Crackle Recommends

July 8, 2008, 2 Comments

You like that? The Crackle. I’ve decided its our jaunty new nickname. If you have any better ideas, leave them in the comments section. Anyway, today I begin a new feature on the site. It’s an idea I’m completely ripping off from the much higher-minded literary site, McSweeneys. It’s called The Crackle Recommends, and »

The Crackle Endorses

November 3, 2008, No Comments

Hi, it’s me, the guy who calls people douche bags. We’ve done The Crackle Recommends a bunch of times in the past, but, today, for the first time, we present The Crackle Endorses. You should vote for Barack Obama »