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Live reading of Space Jam with Blake Griffin & DeAndre Jordan

Live reading of Space Jam with Blake Griffin & DeAndre Jordan

April 17, 2014, No Comments

Remember that post last month of Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan reading “Space Jam” with a bunch of comedians? Well now thanks to Funny or Die we have actual video of it. Bonus of DeAndre doing his Charles Barkley impersonation »

DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin read the Space Jam script

DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin read the Space Jam script

March 25, 2014, No Comments

Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan joined a bunch of actors, including Seth Green,  Danielle Fishel, Nick Kroll, and others in a reading of the original “Space Jam” script at the University of California-Berkeley. The Clippers’ teammates played Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. They did so surprisingly well. Check out the short clip »

Blake Griffin annihilates Kris Humphries

Blake Griffin annihilates Kris Humphries

January 9, 2014, No Comments

Just when you think you couldn’t emasculate Kris Humphries anymore, Blake Griffin comes and posterizes the poor guy. Even Kim Kardashian has to feel bad for him »

Young Hollywood dunks over Blake Griffin

August 5, 2013, No Comments

While out promoting a new sneaker release in Santa Monica, Blake Griffin gets to feel what it’s like to be on the other end of a posterizing dunk. Young Hollywood is only 5’10. The young man can fly »

Blake Griffin posterizes Buddy Hield

September 11, 2012, No Comments

What was Buddy Hield thinking? The young Oklahoma Sooner thought he could block a dunk attempted by NBA Slam Dunk champ Blake Griffin. Did Hield forget he was only 6 foot 4? Watch what happens when the challenge was accepted. -H/T Sharapova’s Thigh »

Blake Griffin’s dunks immortalized in NBA Jam

May 25, 2012, No Comments

SB Nation creates this awesome video taking Blake Griffin’s top 2011-2012 dunks and superimposes them into NBA Jam. Just sit back and enjoy. He’s on fire! »

Blake Griffin: Professional ping pong player

December 7, 2011, No Comments

Biggie would probably tell Blake Griffin, “Your reign on the top was short like leprechauns.” As his total run at being a professional ping pong player lasted a grand total of 6 minutes. Actually what did you expect. Us Asians rule at table tennis »

Kevin Love and Blake Griffin take Jenga to the next level

November 16, 2011, No Comments

Maybe you caught the first time Blake Griffin and Kevin Love played Jenga at the ESPY’s. It was a debacle. Luckily the HASBRO people caught wind and recruited them for their new commercial. This time actually teaching them the right way to play »

Blake Griffin: Office Dunker

November 4, 2011, No Comments

It seems that Blake Griffin is spending all his lockout time making video after video. This time he teaming up with Panini America to create a skit called “The New Guy.” The slam dunk champ has nothing on Terry Tate. -H/T Sweater Punch »

Lil’ Blake Griffin

September 22, 2011, No Comments

The Blake Griffin intern week continues over at Funny or Die. Today’s video features a Lil’ Blake puppet framing Big Blake for the murder of Jerry O’Connell. I still have no idea why I find these funny »