Having a Moment of Calm, Dropping a Music Bomb and Sitting Next to a Fake Palm

Justin October 10, 2016 0

They say when things get stressful, you should imagine your “special” place- a place that represents calm and relaxation in your mind. A place where you can let go of the everyday pressures which can sometimes make life seem so hassled.

I have found my place.

Here’s what my daily routine looks like, now that we’ve relocated out of the city.

6:30 AM: alarm goes off

6:40 AM: Run about 2 miles at the park across the street

7:20 AM: shower, get dressed, other things of this manner

7:50 AM: make breakfast

8:00 AM: eat breakfast, drink two cups of coffee, watch Good Morning Football on the NFL Network. (It’s good. WATCH IT!)

8:27 AM: something

8:37AM: finish getting dressed. Gather my assorted things for the day.

8:47AM: leave for work

8:57-9:05 AM: bus comes. I get on it.

9:38ish AM: arrive at Port Authority Bus Terminal

9:55 AM: get to work- be stressed for 8 and half  hours

6:35 PM: leave work. Now, I legitimately speed walk to make sure I get to the subway by 6:42, which ensures I’ll get to the Port Authority by 6:53. Then, speed walk up three levels to gate 207 to make the 7PM bus home.

And this is my my place is so important. My place is the escalator at the Port Authority bus terminal.

For about 30 seconds every morning, between getting off the bus and getting on the subway, I get to stop and breathe. There’s a window which allows some warm sunshine to get in. There are people in front of me, so I can’t rush even if I wanted to. I can just stand there and let gravity and basic mechanics do their job. It’s a perfect respite from the day’s pressures.

Unless the person in front of me decides to walk down the escalator. Because, then, I have to walk too. You don’t want to be one of these weirdos who just stands there while other people are in rush. This is New York City. Move your ass.

Sports Illustrated: October 10th, 2016



I also don’t like Metallica very much.


Men’s Room by Sweet Waters Steak House in Westfield, NJ

I went to lunch here today. I had a very good Salmon Salad. The service was great. Everything was perfect until I stopped in the men’s room before I left.


Why is there a chair?  Who is sitting there?


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